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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wisteria Flower Tunnel


Wisteria Flower Tunnel - Pastel Coloured Fairy-Tale Tunnel

Wisteria is considered to be a genus of flowering plants in pea family,Fabaceae, which comprises of ten species of woody climbing vines native to the Eastern United States and to China, Japan and Korea.

These vines tend to climb by twining their stems clockwise or counter-clockwise around anything that seems available to cling on. They can ascend as high as 20 m above the ground and spread out over 10 m sideways.

 One of the largest known Wisteria vine in the world is in Sierra Madre, California, measuring over 1 acre in size and weighing 250 tons, that was planted of the Chinese lavender variety in 1894.Wisteria is a plant which tends to grow all across Japan and has fascinated Japanese people for a long time.

At Kawachi Fujien Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan, one can enjoy the beauty of these amazing wisteria flowers. The flower tends to cluster and hang down for the tip of the plant’s long vines swaying beautifully in the breeze.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens is where one will find this pastel coloured fairy-tale tunnel, where the gardens are home to around 150 Wisteria flowering plants covering around 20 various species in a 10,000 square meters area. These are in white, blue, purple, violet-blue and pink due to which they appear so graceful.

Established in 1977 – Private Wisteria Garden

Kawachi Fujien established in 1977, is a private wisteria garden and is open only during the wisteria season when the leaves changes colours in autumn. Usually, wisteria is considered to be at its best, beginning of May and since it is in the warm southern climate of Kyushu, the most suitable time to visit this place is in late April.

There are various areas to explore in the garden which includes 2 types of wisteria tunnel, an 80 m long tunnel as well as a 220 m long tunnel, wisteria domes and wisteria fences. Wisteria tunnels became famous after they were introduced on a site in 2012 and is now a tourist attraction for visitors all over the globe.

Huge wisteria fences towards the end of the tunnel are seen with wisteria trees that are over 100 years old. Besides the Fuji, one will also find several other flowers, shops selling plants and local products and restaurants. Entrance fee is based on the season’s beauty and is about 1000 Yen for adult during the peak season.

Winter Illumination Display

Recently, the park has become famous in winter season for massive winter illumination display attracting a larger crowd each year.

The park is open every evening from early December to early February enabling tourists to explore through the decorative exhibition. At all corners of the park it has been decorated with multi-coloured LED lights, covering flower bushes, lining the walkways and are arranged into massive creative objects and set on an amazing scale.

Some of the appealing attractions comprise of various large continually changing LED screens that tend to cycle though creative imagery music synchronized light shows, light tunnels with a variety of fuji like LED chains that tend to hang from the same trellises the flowers hang from during spring.

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