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Monday, October 19, 2015

Say “Xin chao” to Hanoi!


Hanoi can be simply described as the heart beat of Vietnam. It has been a first pick for the traveling lovers around the world since the times immemorial. The city is known for its colorful culture and vivid lifestyle has enormous sets of colors one can image on his brain palettes. Yes, this cheerful holiday destination has been a golden buzz of the travel world. Don’t hide your excitement people!

We have got a five starred roll of paper listing down the must see places of Hanoi which will give your holiday a perfect blend of distinct yet warm hue-filled memories. Let’s fire up our virtual ride’s engine to Hanoi… (Ready… set… go…!)

  • Hoan Kiem Lake: (The Red Water Lake)

    The”lake of resorted sword” (also known as Ho-Goum) serves as the core of Hanoi. This lake which embeds itself with a historical fairy-tale is known to be the center of social and cultural festivities for Hanoi citizens going on for more than a thousand years. Don’t forget to get yourself clicked down the lakeside.

  • Temple of Literature: (The first University of Vietnam)

    This temple of literature is the oldest and foremost hub of education in Hanoi. A pathway with natural beauty leads its visitors to “The Van Mieu Quac tu Giam” (Learn their Native Language). The temple spread across from North to South was destroyed in wars and was renovated a number of times to get its glory back. (A true example of Vietnamese architecture.)

  • Hanoi’s Old Quarter: (The Shopping Paradise)

    The shopping hot spot of Hanoi is a must visit place for all shoppers. You can’t resist your feet off it. The quarter’s fun filled maze of streets offers a great number of mouth- watering eats as well as cheap and reliable stuff and services. The triangle shaped market is packed with some out of the ordinary hawkers and equally interesting names. Get your Pockets light)

  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum : (The hero of Hanoi’s tourist attractions!)

    This mausoleum on the Ba Dinh Square embeds the remains of Ho Chi Minh (Country’s Beloved “Uncle Ho”), the popular leader of Vietnam. The body preserved in a glass case is yearly taken to Russia for its maintenance. Uncle Ho’s final resting place with its unique history and Visitor’s extraordinary experience make it a worth to stopover. (Don’t miss on this!)

  • Hanoi Opera House: (For the art lovers!)

    The jaw-dropping piece of French structural design is something you got to have a look at. A cherished place to visit for the weekend offers a wide range of Vietnamese opera, traditional folk music and classical performances. The state- of- the- art example of Hanoi’s rich architecture. Get your tickets to the show booked now.

We hope all the readers out there are making up their minds and settling up their funds for experiencing the Hanoi-ese Lifestyle. Don’t forget to make a note of these places for making your trip trip a splendid one.

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