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Monday, October 19, 2015

Planning a Trip to Marrakech? A complete guide to make your trip Exquisite!


One of the imperial cities of Morocco, Marrakech, is a place where past meets the present. The “Land of God” is a pearl polished by its distinctive history and incredible tradition. The city is also known for its generosity to its visitors (love getting pampered… don’t fail to experience it in the Moroccan style!) All the travelling lovers out there… Marrakech’s packed in streets with a diverse culture will get your life the best reason to live for! (Seems like a joke? No we are serious.)

Here’s a checklist of must have experiences in the world of unique lifestyle and culture: (Being Mark-ecious!)
  • Take a trip round in El- Badi Palace: (Incomparable Experience!)
    The El-Badi Palace is a place where you will find more storks hopping around you than citizens. (Yes, In a simply Storking Palace… It’s sheer fun.) The bare ruins, left-over mosaics and stark walls have a lot of tales to put in the picture. Don’t forget to make a road to terrace for mounting Atlas! (Simply a Jaw-dropping view.)
  • Spend a night in the Riad: (Nothing can beat the feeling of Moroccan lifestyle)
    The moment you step into Marrakech, Enormous hotels may attract you with their lavish hospitality techniques. (But Wait…Save your money for something better!)Check in yourself in a Riad- a beautiful Moroccan trend house within Medina (old city). (Living with the true luxury)
  • Unwind at the Menara Gardens: (Cal-eching to enjoy)
    Take a caleche ride (A Moroccan style horse driven carriage) to gorgeous Menara gardens which will escape you from the flocks of tourists that throng the Medina. The artificial lake is surrounded by fruit orchids and vastly spread olive groves. (Naturally Fruit-full)
  • Be in Wonder at the Koutoubia Mosque: (Glance at Easy going lifestyle!)
    One look at the awe-inspiring minaret of Koutoubia Mosque at the sunset can make you feel overwhelmed and content. The tall standing architectural illustration of Marrakech is something you can’t afford to miss. (Yes…Get it in bold, italics and underlined). The view of the dusk at the mosque makes Marrakech-ish lives unfussy, trouble-free and a place worth to live. (Sober and Sweet)
  • Binge on some Marrakechi Delicacies: (Food on the streets!)
    Dozens of stalls bud all over the “souk” every night. All sort of local food is a true treat to one’s tummy (Djemma el-Fna will surely make you put on a lot of calories!) Food will undoubtedly craft as a highlight for your trip- its light to your pockets and cheerful to your taste buds. Among the mouth-watering chews are local tangy tagine, crunchy cous-cous, juicy kebabs and hot harira soup.
  • (Of course, we can’t fail to remember our foodie readers.)

We hope after reading this piece of writing you all are tempted to get your bags packed and plan your next vacation to the city of amazing memories! (Don’t thank us… just get your hidden travelling child play freely in the gardens of Marrakech.)

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