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Monday, October 12, 2015

Thor’s Well -Hole in the ocean


Thor’s Well – Gaping Sinkhole/Natural Wonder of the World

Thor’s Well located in Florence, Oregon near Cape Perpetua is a gaping sinkhole and a natural wonder of the world. Thor’s Well is part of Cape Perpetua, a characteristic Pacific Northwest headland, a forested space of land on the central Oregon Coast and is surrounded by water on three sides.

It is also knownas a spouting horn and is basically a huge salt water fountain operated by the power of the Pacific Ocean. During winter storms or at high tide, the waves tend to reach a height of about 20 feet high. However as beautiful as it may tend to be, it could be quite dangerous getting close to it due to sharp rocks which seems to be all over together with strong surge of water which could suck a person down into the abyss.

It has been estimated to be about 20 feet deep by its visitors. A photographer has informed  that he is of the belief that anyone who tends to ever fall in it would never ever survive. Placed on the edge of the Oregon coast is the gaping sinkhole which never tends to fill up inspite of the continuous stream of the sea water which seems to drain into it. However, Thor’s Well is not bottomless but is said to be very dangerous.

Drainpipe of the Pacific

Known also as the drainpipe of the Pacific, it is truly a hole in the rock which seems to appear to drain water from the ocean and in reality; the massive hole is probably around 20 feet deep.

Thor’s Well is said to be most outstanding, at high tide or during storms when the water tends to wash violently over the rocks, falling back through the hole. At the time of these sudden gushes unsuspecting tourists to the site could face dangers of being carried away right into the turbulence where survival seems bleak.

 Inspite of the dangers, nature lovers and photographers tend to continue visiting this amazing site hoping to get the best glimpses of the aggressive waters which live up the namesake’s stormy personality. It was originally believed that Thor’s Well was a cave and its roof had collapsed in due to the constant water erosion.

Rocks Surround are Basalt

Thor’s Well withstands a cycle of water flowing in the hole ultimately overflowing and later exploding to heights of 6.1 metres where the surrounding water tends to get sucked quickly back into the hole. Rocks surrounding it are typically basalt and the water that fills and empties in the hole seems to be saltwater from the ocean.

Thor’s Well is extremely dangerous during high tide as the current of the flow of the water pulled into thehole could draw people along with it, owing to the slippery surface together with huge waves. There have been several images overstating the actual diameter of Thor’s Well which is in reality only about 3 meters.

Owing to its attractive nature, the site is popularly visited by several photographers as well as the tourists in general to access this site and hiking along the coast seems essential for glimpses of this amazing site with all its natural beauty.

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