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Monday, October 12, 2015

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Hitachi Seaside Park – Famous Tourist Sites – Japan

Hitachi Seaside Park is also known as Hitachi Kaihin and is said to be one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan. It is a public flower park in Hitachinaka. Ibaraki, Japan. Hitachi Kaihin comprises of a 470 acre public park which is situated in Hitachi, Ibaraki, near Ajigaura Beach. Hitachi Seaside Park is very popular for its sprawling baby blue eye flowers – Nemophila on the Miharashi Hills.

 During spring there are over 4.5 million of these flowers blooming across Hitachi Kaihin and at the time of the blooming season, their beauty is known as Nemophila Harmony. This amazing sight lends beauty to the Miharashi Hills which lights it up in blue shade creating an awesome harmony beneath the clear blue sky across the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Besides Hitachi Kaihin known for its famous Nemophila Harmony, there are also lots of other varieties of flowers in this so called earthly paradise. Millions of lilies tend to bloom among the pine trees every year. Moreover there are also other 170 varieties of other flowers like the tulips, zinnias, kochias, cosmos and much more.

Miharashi No Oka – Lookout Hill

Kochia had been planted around the placed known as `Miharashi No Oka – lookout hill’ and as the name indicates, gives the best view from here, with the magenta carpet from the hilltop on one end and the view of the Pacific Ocean on the other end.

 To enhance the beauty of colour gradation, plenty of cosmos had been planted among the kochia. Filled with woods, gardens, together with a mini amusement area with a Ferris wheel and cycling trails throughout the park, Hitachi Seaside Park is an interesting destination for any tourist visiting Japan.

Every season brings in a different variety of flower blossoming over the Miharashi No Oka, a hill with panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.Several people from Tokyo come to enjoy koyo – trees changing colours during the fall season.

Old Giant Wisteria Tree – Natural Monument of Japan

There are many places to explore and view the beautiful koyo and Kanagawa and Nikko in Tochigi seems to be the two of the best known sites to explore. The hot springs too attract leaf viewers. At Hitachi Seaside Park, the stocks of nemophila baby blue eyes blooms over a huge hill and looks like a flower sea.

At Asjolaga Flower Park there is a 143 years old giant wisteria tree which has been nominated as a Natural Monument of Japan. The scene of the purple flowers which tend to drop to the ground in layers portrays a very spectacular spectacle. On enjoying the beauty of this amazing site either by walking or cycling you could enjoy on the giant Ferris wheel which provides an awesome experience amidst the sight of sprawling colourful flowers draperies striking with the blue Pacific Ocean.

Hitachi Kaihin Park is almost 7 times larger than Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and there are several things to do. Since it is enormous, tourist tend to rent bicycles or get on a train called the Seaside Train that drives around the park.

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