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Monday, October 12, 2015

3 Tips to Ensure your Moving Company is not a Scam

Moving to a better place can be a huge event, regardless if you are moving to the other side of town or clear across the country. It can also get costly too. However, fixating on price alone can get you into a sticky situation and end up costing you a bundle. Take the example of Rusty Buchanan who moving to Los Angeles ended up paying out almost $90,000 in legal fees in order to recover his belongings from a scam mover who wouldn't give up his belongings for 18 months.

He claimed the mover took off with his belongings and ended up never even working for the moving company that he was under the impression he was doing business with. The mover was a subcontractor. The BBB, each year, gets thousands of complaints against con movers. You can avoid being ripped off by doing some research and following some simple tips.

Do an Initial Background Screening

Once you gather up a list of potential movers, go on the Internet and do a little check on their background. Check the Better Business Bureau and the site movingscam.com which is a consumer advocacy site. These sites will provide you with a blacklist of companies that have numerous consumer complaints. Rip-off Report is another such site you can look into.

Show the Estimator Everything 

Make sure you show the estimator who comes to your house everything you intend on having moved. This includes everything in the attic, closets, basement and backyard. When it comes to moving day and the mover feels you have far more items to move than was originally calculated, he might try to challenge you into a higher fee. Obviously, you don't have to pay the higher fee, but he doesn't have to move your belongings either for the original amount. Your options will most likely be limited at this point.

Look for Red Flags

During the estimate, look for red flags. For instance, most moving companies such as byebyemovingottawa.com that are reputable wouldn't ask you for a cash deposit prior to moving your stuff. If they seem too eager to grab your money upfront, chances are they might not be legitimate. You will also want to check out how professional the movers seem during the estimate process. Can they answer all your questions? Do they show up late? Do they provide their own equipment? Do you feel you can trust them?

Just a little research and checking things about before hiring the moving company can be the difference between a smooth move and a chaotic one.

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