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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Aland Islands of Finland

Aland Islands
The Åland Island of Finland is comprised of one mainland and many small islands. The Åland is actually pronounced as “O-land” and despite being a part of Finland, they have their own parliament and runs it independently. This island is located in the Baltic Sea. You will find a combination of Finnish and Swedish culture and language here. The whole archipelago of this island consist of more than 80 inhabited islands and many more uninhabited islands. Most people liveon the main island which is also known as FastaÅland.

The effect of a long dispute between Finland and Sweden can be seen here among the local people. Finnish language is an optional language here but maximum choose not to study this language. You can easily communicate with them in English as it is widely spoken on these islands. From Sweden and Finland, you can reach to this island via ferry services. The cheapest way of entering into this island is by ferries from Helsinki or Stockholm but you may face trouble as docking generally takes place at midnight.

Although, there is a small airport which handles the flight services from nearby main cities of Finland and Sweden.The Åland Island holds a very important position as one of the entrance to the port of Stockholm comes under this island. The capital of this unique island is Mariehamn. You will find some other small communities like Godby and Eckero. The best way to explore the natural beauty of this island is by ferries and by bicycle. The Government of this island puts special attention towards tourism. As a result, you will find cycle paths and special routes for ferries. You can choose routes through the southern and northern archipelago for an unforgettable experience.

The best time to come to this island is during late spring and summer as tourist spots are open during this time. Else you have to visit these spots from outside only. Kastleholm is a castle located in the northern part of the Åland Island. You can learn about the history of this island. There is a museum also near to the Kastleholm. Jan Karlsgarden Open Air Museum has some traditional Aland buildings. You can see the prison museum also but entry is chargeable. You will nice restaurant and cafeteria here. Another important spot is the fortress of Bomarsund which was built by the Russians which was destroyed during Crimean war.Åland’s lighthouses are also a tourist spot. You can experience a different level of energy when you visit these lighthouses.

You can do lots of activities here such as wind surfing, wave surfing and fishing. For fishing, you need to have a fishing license. Here, you will find many golf courses also. Golf Aland is the one which provides good service. The official currency of this island is Euro only but don’t dare to go for shopping here as it is very expensive. You will not find any fast food restaurant here. Main restaurants are located in the capital city only.

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