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Monday, December 2, 2013

Rhodes Island of Greece

Rhodes Island of Greece
Rhodes is one of the important islands of Greece. This beautiful island is located in the Aegean Sea near Greece. This island is a superb combination of beaches, site and the large number of medieval towns. This island counted as one of the islands of the Dodecanese, but it makes a different place for itself. The climate is mild and sunny throughout the year and hence makes it a perfect destination for tourist.Though Greek is the native language of this Island but due to extensive tourists visit, English and German is also spoken by many.

How to Reach Rhodes Island

You can reach the Rhodes Island very easily by any mode of transportation. By road, Rhodes Island is well connected to the nearby airport and cities. Rhodes-KamirosProvince Avenue, Rhodes-Lindos National Avenue and a few more are some popular routes by road. There are two airports in Rhodes - Rhodes International Airport in Diagoras and Rhodes Maritsa Airport. There are regular flight service between Rhode Island and big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki.

If you want to reach the Rhode Island by sea then you can hire a ferry or a Cruise Ship. There are five ports out of which three are in the Rhodes city. The ports are Central port, Akandia port, Lardos dock, Kolona port and KamiroSkala Dock.


There are many beautiful beaches on Rhodes. The eastern part of the island has continuous sandy beaches with tranquil waters. Beaches on the west are mostly stony. The wind arrives from the west and the sea is also rougher to the western part. So, that side of the island is better suited to surfing or kite boarding.There are numerous beaches on Rhodes, which attracts the tourists and also increases the beauty of the island. Some of the popular beaches on Rhodes are Lindos, Rhodes town, Kalithea, Ladiko beach (Anthony Quinn Bay) and others.

You can do lots of activities on this Island. Swimming, Sunbathing, Diving, Surfing/Kite Surfing and also climbing the Mount Attavyros. The challenging climbing of this mountain is of 2-3 hours after this you will reach the highest point on this Island which is 1215m above the sea level.

Places to Visit in Rhodes Island

There are many cities which you don’t want to miss while staying in Rhodes Island. The capital of Rhodes Island – Rhodes city is the largest city on the island. A very beautiful city with lots of importance. You will be surprised to know that there is a golf course on this Island. The golf course is in the village Afandou, which is one of the biggest village on the Rhodes Island. Faliraki is known as Rhodes’ Action Resort. You will find peace in this location. Very calm environment which is ultimate if you are coming with family.

Since, Rhodes Island have a very rich history, it is obvious to find many castles here. There are many castles who are very old. Castle of Monolithos which is located on a 240m high rock. You can experience the beautiful views from this location. Other notable castles are the Castle of Kastellos, Castle with Acropolis over Lindos and Castle of Kalki which is inthe north-west.

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