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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sicily Island of Italy

Sicily Island of Italy
Sicily Island is a beautiful island and the largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. This island comes under the province of Italy. This island is situated in the central of the Mediterranean Sea and at the tip of Italy. This island is a very attractive one due to the presence of the most active volcano MountEtna which is at a height of 3,320m. The climate of this island is very similar to the other Mediterranean Island. Sicily is a very large island in size where mostly Italian and Sicilian language is used for communication. Although modern schools teach English to the students here.

Sicily is a very attractive place and popular among tourists. You can reach here through flights and ferry service. There are many airports in the major cities of Sicily and it is linked with the Italian train network at Messina also. Car and train services are well connected to big cities across the island as well as cities like Rome and Milano. You have to be very careful that public transport is available on weekdays but on Sunday, it is very difficult to find it. Hotels are available in big cities but in the countryside you need to take shelter atAgriturismo. Agriturismo is very small and generally have 3-10 rooms.

There are many beautiful cities which store their own culture. This makes the island rich in culture. The capital of this beautiful island is Palermo. You will find many sights to watch in the capital city. Catania is another very important city which is known as the economic center of the Sicily Island. Mount Etna is situated in this city only. If you are a party lover then this place is for you as Catania is famous for nightlife entertainment. Messina is a very busy city due to its connected service to the mainland. The bus service and train service are connected to the mainland.

You will find many UNESCO World Heritage Site here such as Baroque architecture in Ragusa, Greek ruins in Syracuse and Valle Dei Templi (Valley of Temples) in Agrigento. Other notable cities in Sicily Island are Marsala, Gela, Trapani and Milazzo. Apart from visiting so many cities, there are many things you can do. Trekking in Sicily is a very challenging activity. Due to the presence of many mountains such as Nebrodi, Madonie and of course, Etna volcano which makes it an ideal location for trekking. There is a place known as the Salt Flats in Trapani where salt is made in a traditional way.

Sicily is famous for their cuisines also. You will find one of the best cuisines here. Since it is an island, most of the cuisines are based on seafood only. Spicy food is very popular here and gives a touch of Arabic and Spanish flavors. Sicilians are also famous for their sweet dishes. The famous desserts are Cannoli, Granita, and Cassata which is very famous worldwide. Despite having the most vineyards than any other part of Italy, this island has the lowest rate of alcoholism.

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