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Monday, May 15, 2023

Belize Travel Tips

Belize Travel Tips

Belize is one of the small nations which can let people witness its amazing diversity, like exploring underground caves, climbing an ancient Mayan temple, watching rainforest birds & wildlife, snorkelling among colorful fishes, and so on. As there are so many things to do, it is challenging to explore them all in a two-week vacation. Let’s dig into the article to learn the Belize travel tips.

Top Belize Travel Tips:

Keep the USD: 

In this country, almost each business place accepts USD. Therefore, there is nothing to think about converting your currency to Belize dollars. You should know that One USD equals 2 BZD.

Plan the best time to visit:

If you plan to visit the place, you will be glad to know that you can explore the destination anytime as it totally relies on what you are willing to do in your Belize vacation. While the wet season is from June to November, the summer is famous for multiple festivals & events.

Think about what you want out of your stay:

If you are willing to enjoy the holiday spirit in Belize, you must visit here in December and January. People willing to experience the festivals should make their trips during summer as the famous Lobster Fests remain in full swing during this time. September is popular for its patriotic festivities, and the reason is that the country celebrates its independence day on September 21.

The itinerary should match the budget:

If you want to catch up with the country's beauty, you can extend your stay there for more days by adding extra activities that can help you to explore the nation. But it's important to plan your trip as per your budget. Sometimes, you may not have sufficient money to manage the additional two days of your trip, due to which you can't experience the Blue Hole Aerial tour. So, it is always beneficial to be over budget to explore the destination well. Know how you’re going to get around:

Before making the plan, you should make a transfer ready for the trip you will make or rent a car to get around the nation. If you are visiting here for the first time, it is always good to keep yourself ready with something. You won't find any highly-trafficked highways in the United States. Therefore, it is easy to drive through the country on your own. Additionally, travellers can use GPS & guidance from friendly locals. There are several tour operators available to guide you.

When to Visit Belize:

The country witnesses a sub-tropical climate. It indicates that you will enjoy balmy temperatures and sun rays on vacation.

How to Get to Belize:

All major airlines to United, American, Delta, WestJet, Southwest, Air Canada, Aeromexico, Sun Country, and Copa can provide non-stop service to Belize from the U.S. & Canada.

Belize City is the only place where all international flights to Belize land.

Which Belize Caves to Visit:

Actun Tunichil Muknal, called ATM Cave, is rated as the top sacred cave site in the world by National Geographic.

The Weather in Belize:

You can expect plenty of sun in this place.

Languages Spoken in Belize:

English has been the country's official language for its long history as a British colony. Other languages spoken here are: Kriol (derived from English), Spanish, Maya, Garifuna, and German.

Best Belize Maya Sites to Visit:

Previously, the country was the heart of the ancient Maya empire. As a visitor, you can explore Cahal Pech, Xunantunich, and Caracol.

Top Destinations to Visit in Belize:

The famous spots people can visit are the Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye islands, the Placencia Peninsula, and San Ignacio.

Choosing the Right Belize Resort:

Cahal Pech, located outside of San Ignacio, features lovely cabanas in an outstanding natural setting. This resort is located near the top attractions like Maya ruins, Ambergris Caye, and Placencia. In this resort, you can see several modern amenities, & 3 lovely swimming pools. They offer a complete beach & rainforest vacation package for tourists so that the tourists can experience all the different mainland and offshore activities in the nation. The top most interesting activities that can make your trip to this nation memorable are exploring ancient Maya sites, scuba diving and snorkelling on the reef.

Other Tips:

  • You must have a valid passport to visit Belize. 
  • As a traveller, it is possible to stay up to 30 days without a visa. However, the passport can expire no less than six months after the travel dates. 
  • You have to pay a $39.25 fee to exit Belize by plane. Generally, it is added to the airfare. 
  • You can plan a tour of the rainforest for one week. 
  • Wake up early in the morning to view the wildlife. It is necessary to make a good plan, like hitting the trail before sunrise to see birds & wildlife. You can see an amazing sunrise also.
  • Short flights cost more, but they can save plenty of time on a trip to Belize. 


These Belize travel tips are beneficial for couples, travellers, and families who want to have the perfect vacation. This location is ideal for backpackers or independent travellers who want to complete their tour on a normal budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to travel in Belize?

You can go there by plane, taxi (water taxis), shuttle, and car rental if you want to visit. You can book tours or vacation packages at famous resorts, including ground transfers, because these come with a private shuttle service by a hotel or tour operator.

Q. How many days is enough for Belize?

You can spend one week to get the utmost experience of Belize's incredible culture & scenery.

Q. Is Belize cheap to visit?

The average cost of a Belize trip is around $100 USD/day for every person.

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