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Friday, January 27, 2023

Best Things to Do in Taipei

Things to Do in Taipei

Taipei is considered as the tourism epicenter of the country. So, if you are planning to visit Taiwan, make sure that you have included Taipei in your list. However, while it is the capital of Taiwan, it is also a very crowded town. So, let's check the article to learn about the best things to do in Taipei.

Taipei Travel Essentials:

  • You can choose WayAway to find the cheapest flights to the town. It is possible to get cashback for hotels & flights when you sign up for WayAway plus.
  • You can save plenty of money using a Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass.
  • People without a fun pass can choose an EasyCard for all public transportation.
  • You can try a portable WiFi device or use a local SIM card for pick up at the airport at the time of arrival.
  • After coming to the airport in this city, you should take the Airport MRT taking 35-50 min. However, it is possible to rent a car at the airport.
  • If you have any doubts or queries, call the 24-hour tourist hotline at 0800-011765.

Top Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan:

We have given here a few fun things to do in Taipei.

Take a Free Walking Tour:

Taking a free walking tour is one of the best things to do in the city. While walking, you will get to see the lay of the land and some highlights that will let you know about its history and culture. In addition, you can take help from the local people who can tell you all in detail and answer your questions.

Photograph CKS Memorial Hall:

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is the second most recognizable building in the town. It was built in 1980 to honor the former dictator.

The area of CKS Memorial Hall is near about 240,000m2 Liberty Square, housing the classical-Chinese style National Theater and National Concert Hall. If you want to enjoy the best scenario, you should move to Liberty Square Arch, which is on the square's western side.

Visit the National Palace Museum:

This museum has more than 70,000 artifacts from Imperial China, and a maximum of these were brought to the country during the Chinese Civil War (1929–1947).

Along with having permanent exhibits, you will get to see rotating exhibits also throughout the year. Besides, there is a section for kids and a free daily tour in English. People who can not get on the tour get the audio guide. Although the artifact descriptions are given in detail, the audio can go into more depth to give a deeper insight.

Immerse Yourself in Chinese History & Culture at National Palace Museum:

It is described as an important museum in the Chinese-speaking world. There are about 700,000 artifacts gauging 8000 years of Chinese history. Hence, people can see 3000 artifacts at any given time. In the Forbidden City of Beijing, the museum's origin is connected to the Palace Museum. However, several artifacts were moved to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War's final years. There is a famous piece of jade that has the shape of a cabbage and a meat-shaped stone. Here, you will find a children's section along with rotating exhibits.

However, visiting Shung Ye Aboriginal Museum can make your trip more exciting. Do you want to visit both? Then, you need to book a combined online ticket to save money. People can visit Hualien County on Taiwan's east coast around Taroko Gorge to enjoy the aboriginal culture of Taiwan. Make sure that you have included visiting Dulan in Taitung, Ita Thao village located on Sun Moon Lake, or remote Orchid Island in your trip list.

Soak in Thermal Waters at Beitou Hot Spring:

Don't forget to visit the hot spring village near Xinbeitou MRT in the Beitou district. It is called as Beitou Hot Spring. This is one of the most beautiful hot springs as well as the best hot spring resort in Taiwan.

By exploring several marvelous historical sights, tourists can make their entire day enjoyable. Moreover, if you are looking for the perfect remedy for the cold days in the winter in Taipei, then spending your days in the hot springs is best. But it doesn't mean that you should visit here only in winter, as you can have the best experience visiting Taipei any time of year.

But remember that Beitou public hot spring is sex-segregated. So, are you planning to come here with the kids? Then, we will recommend you visit Spring City Resort, the only kid-friendly hot spring in Beitou. Purchasing a ticket on Klook in advance allows you to get a major discount. However, you should know that you need to walk from the MRT to the spa for a while, but they have a free shuttle.

Go Hiking:

In Taipei, you will get to see several hiking-accessible trails outside town. Here, we are going to elaborate on a few outstanding trials.

Xiangshan Trail: This hike takes 45 minutes to complete and allows the tourists to enjoy the mind-grabbing scenarios of Taipei. You should know that it's only a 10-minute walk from the Xiangshan MRT station.

Bitoujiao Trail: If you travel by car, it will take one hour to reach here from the city. You can go along the coast on this moderate hike. You should know that the hike takes about two to three hours. Bitoujiao Trail is located in the Ruifeng District and 11km east of Jiufen.

Jinmianshan Trail: This one is a simple 1.5-hour hike in Yangmingshan National Park. You need to walk for ten minutes from the Xihu MRT station to reach this trail.

Huang Didian Trail: It is a challenging ridge hike and takes around five hours. You should first board the bus from Muzha Station to Huafan University. Then, you need to get off at Huangdi Temple. After that, you have to walk for 25 minutes to reach the trail.

Pingxi Crag Trail: This one is a moderate 2-3-hour hike, and it is for those hikers who are only experienced. Remember that this trail is 5 minutes away from the Pingxi station.

Take a Day Trip to Jiufen:

If you plan to visit all the famous tourist destinations in Taiwan, you must include Jiufen in your list. People basically come here for one reason, and that is, as per the belief, its origin is Spirited away. Secondly, the city is popular as a historic gold-mining town adorned with old streets. In addition, the place is renowned for its traditional teahouses.

Visitors need to walk for around thirty minutes to explore Jiufen, and it can give you an aesthetic experience. The reason is that the center of the city and its historic streets & buildings are preserved like these are hundred years old. If you want to avoid crowds, you need to come here early in the morning because, by midday, wall-to-wall people remain in the streets.

In simple words, this destination is home to beautiful tea houses along with stunning views. For tea lovers, it is no less than heaven.

These are the names of a few teahouses which you must visit after coming here:

  • Siidcha Tea House
  • Skyline Tea House
  • Amei Tea House
  • Taro of Sweet
  • Jiufen Tea House

Explore the Night Markets:

After coming here, you will get to see dozens of night markets. Whereas most of these markets have endless delicious food stalls. We have given here a few night market names that you can check out.

Shulin Night Market: This one was opened in 2017. It is the largest night market in Taiwan and full of tasty street food, clothing, electronics, and so on.

Raohe Night Market: Ensure that you are trying black pepper buns after coming to this market. Visiting here, don't forget to try the foods of the stall named Chen Dong Ribs Stewed in Medicinal Herbs.

Tonghua Night Market: Basically, this market is popular with the locals. You will find endless delicious foods to eat here.

See the National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall:

You should know that Sun Yat-sen was a philosopher and a politician. Moreover, he was a physician and the first president of Taiwan. National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall was built in honor of Doctor Sun Yat-sen in 1972. This hall contains different personal items and other things related to his professional life. People called him "the Father of the Nation. He was beloved in both mainland China and Taiwan. This hall serves as an educational center, meeting place, and cultural center.

The Bottom Line:

There are countless exciting things to do in Taipei, a town with a lot of diversity with an eclectic mix of influences. In addition, Taipei has a world-class transport system. Visiting here, you can spend your days in several ways, like eating mouth-watering street foods in several night markets, exploring the majestic views of the ancient temples, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Taipei Most Famous For?

  • The place is famous for:
  • Taipei 101.
  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.
  • Longshan Temple.
  • Maokong Gondola.
  • Beitou Hot Springs.
  • National Palace Museum.
  • Elephant Mountain.
  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Q. Is Taipei Worth Visiting?

Taipei is the vivacious and bustling capital of Taiwan.

Q. How Many Days Are Enough For Taipei?

If you stay one or two days here, you can explore the most iconic sights of this place. So, we recommend you stay at least three to five days to discover the city's DNA.

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