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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Why is Uganda Called Best Honeymoon Destination

Why is Uganda Called Best Honeymoon Destination

Are you planning to make a trip to Uganda? You will be glad to know that Uganda is famous for having the best honeymoon destinations & the best resorts. The topmost honeymoon places in Uganda offer some beautiful attractions which are quiet and ideal for those who want to create unforgettable memories.

A honeymoon vacation is a great holiday for normal couples or newly married ones. When you visit Uganda, you can see several places for a honeymoon holiday. These places let couples experience an intimate bond with their partner. Usually, couples plan their weddings & honeymoons around the summertime from June to August. Due to the warm climate of Uganda, couples can plan their honeymoon Safari for each month of the year. Based on what you and your partner enjoy doing, here you can explore several places so that you can create beautiful memories during your honeymoon holiday. So, let's learn why is Uganda called the best honeymoon destination.

Why is Uganda Called Best Honeymoon Destination

You can visit these places and enjoy performing the exciting activities on your honeymoon trip.


In central Uganda, the city is located in Buikwe city on the Kampala-Jinja Highway. It is called Kawelo. However, this city is an important place culturally, Lugazi serves as a hub for educational institutes, sports, and business houses. The thick Mabira rainforest which surrounds the city has rugged but beautiful terrain. This city is adorned with tabletop hills and lush valleys.

You may be fascinated by viewing Roman architecture in Africa. Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral is a landmark serving as the country's top most attractive place to visit. It is famous for its scenic gardens and exceptional architecture. If you love to play golf, visit the Mehta Golf Club and play one or two golf rounds. You can also shop for traditional African dresses, crafts, and taste palatable foods at the Lugazi Central Market.

Mabira Forest Reserve, which is one of the few-remaining evergreen rainforest areas, houses the prehistoric Lophocebus Ugandae. You can walk through its dense banana & coffee plantations to make your trip memorable. Mostly, the weather remains humid, and you can see skies overcast. The lowest rainfall months are June to September. It is the best time to explore outdoor places.


It is located on the Lake Victoria peninsula in Central Uganda. The President of Uganda lives here and the State House is located in this city. Entebbe is loveable for its natural charms. You will be amazed after viewing its landscape, which compromises the scenic beauty of lakes, vast expanses of forests, & national parks.

This city offers a few of the best eye-catching attractions, like East Africa's oldest golf course & pristine beaches, and all credits go to Lake Victoria. Aero, One Love, and Lido are some of the best beaches.

If you are willing to learn about Ugandan culture, visit the markets in this place. To make your trip exciting and more enjoyable, you can try tropical fruits & observe the local way of life. For natural enthusiasts, this city is heaven. It is the most attractive place where travellers can explore the enticing nature and spot species like Vervet monkeys, Hammerkop, Swamp flycatchers, Colobus, and so on.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center is also an ideal place for naturalists where leopards, baboons, pythons, DeBrazza monkeys can be seen. In this place, the climate remains muggy & overcast throughout the year. If you plan to visit here, come between January-September because the rainfall remains less during this time.


This largest town in the Rwenzururu region is located north of Lake Victoria in Western Uganda. This town serves as an important copper and cobalt mining center in the nation. This city is near the almost three million-year-old Rwenzori mountain ranges, called the Mountains of the Moon.

This popular mountain range comprises granite & quartzite stones. In addition, tropical rainforests and snowy meadows keep it covered. You can also see Africa's third-highest peak from UNESCO heritage Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Besides, there are glaciers, waterfalls, and lakes to explore. Kasese Central Market is another place where you can enjoy local charms and spend some time. From here, you can taste delicious food & find shops selling traditional artworks & mementos.

Visit the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and enjoy safaris at Rwenzori. Here, you will get a chance to spot forest elephants, L'Hoest's monkeys, Hyrax, etc. The special thing is that there you can see almost 90 species of birds. If you plan to explore unique things on your trip, move to the mines of Kasese Cobalt Company to witness the cobalt extraction procedure. This city experiences heavy rainfall in the driest months. You can visit here with your partner in July and August when the rainfall probability remains the lowest.


It is between Lamwo, Pader, and Omoro cities in Northern Uganda. This city is the erstwhile homeland of the Acholi ethnic group. It is actually an area of agriculture with acres of lush farms. A few old settlements are there where traditional African huts amidst the exceptionally rugged trails can be seen.

Taks Centre is a great place where you can see art exhibitions and cultural performances. Besides, you can enjoy fireside chats with local artists. There exists the 1941 St. Joseph's Cathedral, which is famous because of its magnificent architecture. You can visit the Craft Market to buy crafts & traditional Ugandan paintings.

Your trip to Gulu will not be completed without sampling the traditional African food. As a nature lover, visiting the nearby Albert Nile area is mandatory, where you can view elusive leopards, Ugandan Kobs, Warthogs, etc. June-September is the best month to visit this city.


Lira, located in northern Uganda on the Gulu-Mbale Highway, has been a crucial destination during and after the Uganda-Tanzania War. In Uganda, Lira is one of the commercial centers where you can see an airport. The scenic natural beauty of this place comprises thick woods and fertile valleys, plateaus, and plantations. Here, you can see the landscape dotted with many flat-topped hills.

Got Ngetta, a solid rock, is a great tourist spot, standing at a height of 4,500 ft. For nature lovers, there are several destinations & activities to enjoy, like the Karuma waterfall and its surrounding forests, where you can see baboons and many birds. Want a rustic experience? Then, visit the nearby Masindi Village to meet local people and enjoy African food. The best time to come here is between June & September.


It is located in Central Uganda along the Kampala-Fort Portal highway. This town has an impressive plateau landscape housing hills, slopes, and vast open U-shaped valleys.

It is a rare place with fantastic architectural landmarks in the country. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana is renowned because of its rustic architecture. Are you willing to explore natural wonders? Then, you can visit the nearby 4000-year-old Lake Wamala, where you can explore wildlife, including Wild pigs, Hippos, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Guinea fowl, Catfish, and Lungfish.

You must visit the Social Innovation Academy if you prefer unique social experiments. Whether you want an offbeat experience, you can hear the locals tell their stories at the Mityana Central Market.

Mityana is an excellent place to try traditional delicacies. Visiting here, you can experience a tropical climate, and rainfall can be seen throughout the year. The dry months of July and January-February is the best time to visit here.


It is the second biggest town located in western Uganda. This city serves as an important transport & infrastructure hub. 'Mbarara' is a term that is twisted from the 'Emburara' word referring to tall grass. This place is referred to as the 'land of milk and honey' due to the huge numbers of Ankole cattle.

If it comes to exploring the unique history of Uganda, Mbarara is considered one of the best tourist spots. Igongo Cultural Center and Eriijukiro Museum are the best places where you can learn about the history of Uganda & the ancient tribes like the Batooro, and Bakiga. Sanga Cultural Village is another place where you would love to visit because the Bahima tribe's ancient artifacts are stored here. Mbarara houses the biggest cattle farm in Uganda where you will be able to take farm safaris and learn about the elusive Ankole cattle.

If you are a nature lover, you must not miss visiting Lake Mburo National Park, where you can see Waterbucks, Impalas, leopards, hyenas, etc. You can experience hot and humid weather throughout the year. The best months to visit are December- February, June, and August.


Located in Central Uganda, this city is adorned with green grounds and hills. Visit the Bujagali Hydro Plant that can harness energy from Bujagali Falls and is a great spot for nature lovers. The Source of the Nile Bridge is another attractive spot known as the New Jinja Bridge. You should visit here between June and September to witness the beauty of this place.

The bottom line:

In this article, we have covered some of the best honeymoon attractions in Uganda where you can create unforgettable memories. Uganda is adorned with several freshwater bodies that feature islands and offers tranquil, as well as private settings which is ideal for honeymoon getaway. After visiting there, you will understand why is Uganda called the best honeymoon destination. Still if you have any queries, let us know via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Uganda special for?

The country is popular for these reasons:-

  • the largest freshwater lake on the continent, 
  • the source of the longest river, 
  • the strongest waterfall, 
  • the largest number of primates, and 
  •  the highest number of mountain gorillas worldwide

Q. Is Uganda good for a honeymoon?

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of this country's most popular honeymoon places where you can enjoy launch trips, Hot-air balloon safaris, game drives, and primate walks.

Q. How long is a honeymoon for?

You will need around seven days (on average) to explore the attractions and create unforgettable memories during your honeymoon trip.

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