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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Best Things to Do in Ischia

Best Things to Do in Ischia

Ischia, a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is located in the northern part of the Gulf of Naples, which is 19 miles far from Naples. It is considered as one of the largest Phlegrean islands. The shape of this Island is trapezoidal. As per the measurements, its dimension is 6 miles east to west and 4 miles north to south. However, it has about 21 miles of coastline, whereas the surface area is 46.3 square kilometers. Basically, this Island is almost mountainous. Mount Epomeo, which is about 2,585 feet, is the highest peak here.

Although this area is densely populated. As per the census, more than 1,300 residents live per square kilometer. It is considered as one of the most developed and most prominent islands in the Bay of Naples. Ischia island is now famous for thermal spas, manicured gardens, astounding Aragonese castle, etc.

Weather in Ischia:

Ischia in Spring:

You should visit Ischia in Spring which is the most beautiful season. You can experience a mild climate on this lush Island during this weather. However, you can stay in hotel rooms at a low cost if you can avoid the Easter holidays and national holidays on 25 April and 1 May. However, you will not be able to swim here during this season due to the cold temperature. But, if you are willing to relax somewhere, come to the spas, where you can find hot springs between 28 and 40 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, if you want to explore the trails on Mount Epomeo, you must visit this place during this season.

Ischia in Summer:

People mostly visit this Island in summer. During this season, Italians can be seen spending the day on the beach. However, if you stay here during summer, you can spend the day on the water along the Island's coastline.

Beaches on Ischia:

If you want to avoid the crowd, hire a boat or rent it to take a sail around the Island. Besides, if you have a boat trip, you will be able to reach the coves which are accessible only by sea.

The rates of hotels in July and August remain very high. In addition, tourists can experience heavy traffic on the roads during this time. So, it is not recommended to get around by car. Rather than that, you should go for a scooter rental. During August, you can find even the buses of this Island overcrowded.

Ischia in Autumn:

You can visit the Island from September to mid-October to enjoy the mind-blowing weather. But you should know that hotels, beach clubs, and outdoor restaurants remain closed in late October.

This large Island has six municipalities and about 65,000 residents. Therefore, it remains vibrant throughout the year, unlike villages such as Positano or the Island of Capri. Therefore, fall is one of the best seasons for visiting this island's cities. Visiting during this time, you can hike through the countryside. Otherwise, you can enjoy swimming if you visit Ischia in autumn.

Ischia in Winter:

This season is not the ideal one to visit the Island. You can see many residents living here throughout the year. Besides, restaurants and other businesses remain open throughout the year.

But there are a few problems that you can face if you visit this Island in winter. During this season, the seas become choppy. Therefore, ferries are often canceled. In this case, Hydrofoils are the first routes that remain suspended due to inclement weather. Besides, sometimes, even the regular ferries can't depart.

However, it is possible to swim here during winter. Whereas you can take advantage of the hot springs in Sorgeto or the fumaroles at Maronti. Moreover, if you want, you can visit the Argonese castle, the villages, and Mount Epomeo.

Whereas; there are a few hotels that offer special packages for staying a few days. We will recommend you to stay at such a hotel which has a spa because the bigger thermal baths of this Island remain closed in winter.

Top attractive things to do in Ischia:

1. Visit Piazza Antica Reggia: The port Town of Ischia

At the docks, you can visit the shops, bars, and caf├ęs in this busy port town. You can start your journey on this Island from the compass rose-styled roundabout at the junction of Via Porto and Via Iasolino.

You can find the sidewalks narrow and remain busy with whizzing scooters. However, if you want to enjoy a mind-blowing tree-shaded walk, then enjoy your tour via Osservatorio past the Palazzo Reale di Ischia (Royal Palace of Ischia).

2) Visit Castello Aragonese: An astonishing islet

This islet is located on the east coast of this Island. The mesmerizing medieval castle of Aragonese is situated here. To visit this islet, you need to walk for thirty minutes from the port, past hotels, pizzerias, and the lush Pineta Mirtina Park. Otherwise, you can take a 7-minute drive to visit here. If you want to soothe your eyes by seeing the fantastic view of this islet, then don't miss to cross the causeway to this place. 


Visit Castello Aragonese

You will find here a lift that can take travelers to the main area of the castle. If you are fit and fine, you can follow a network of carved stone paths and tunnels through which you can explore various destinations in this islet. However, you need to invest around €10 to get the entry tickets to the castle. If necessary, you can take guided tours. It remains open from 9 am to 4 pm in winter. But are you planning to visit there in the summer? Then the visiting hour will be from 9 am to 8 pm.

3) Chiaia Beach: The best beach in Ischia

Chiaia beach, known as Spiaggia della Chiaia, is considered as the best beach on this Island. It is the widest coastal stretch of this Island. If you are looking for a place to have fun in the sun or enjoy the beautiful sunset, then Chiaia Beach is an excellent choice. Most kids are seen here splashing in Tyrrhenian waters.

Whereas the parents remain busy enjoying the sun loungers and parasols. Beach bars divide the midsection of the beach into different zones. For instance, the Chalet Nonna Carmela is a beach bar that rents its sun loungers and facilities (starting from €22). However, the north end is free to access for tourists.

4)Visit Sant'Angelo Fishing Village: See the outstanding thermal fumaroles

This village is located in the south part of the Island. The narrow beach strip of Spiaggia di Sant'Angelo has connected this coastal village with the main commune of Serrara Fontana. You can enjoy basking on sand or in sun loungers if you visit here. You can find numerous bars and shops at both ends of the causeway.

Fumarole Beach is one of the popular locations, renowned for the geothermally heated sand. You only need to walk for a few minutes towards the northeast to reach there. Remember that Fumarole beach is the perfect option for those who are finding a natural spa treatment. If you are looking for luxury spas and thermal parks, don't forget to visit here.

5) Visit Giardini la Mortella: To see the enchanting hillside parks

This mesmeric private garden is located in the hills of Forio, which you can find on the north-western point of this Island. Here, you will get to see the blooming of a mix of tropical and Mediterranean plants.

If you want to explore the park and roam the leafy pathways, which are expanded up to two hectares of valleys and hillsides, you need to pay around €12. Then, you can move to the upper gardens to witness the outstanding bay views. There you will see a museum dedicated to Sir William Walton, a classical composer. His wife has built these gardens. Although, this museum is dedicated to a Greek Theatre also. This theatre used to host classical, tribute concerts, and summertime events. It remains open from March to October. In addition, you can explore Giardini la Mortella on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm.

6) Visit Cartaromana Beach: to have relaxation on the quiet beach

People can relax on this beach near the busy town center. This small beach is La Spiaggia e la Baia di Cartaromana located just off the ischia point's main city. Here you can experience natural hot springs, mesmerizing sunrise views, and a mind-grabbing scenario of the Aragonese Castle. This beach is adorned with rocky shores, pebbled sand, and fauna-rich seafloors. Here, you can find affordable restaurants.

Travelers can reach the beach by walking, driving a car, or riding a taxi boat. However, if you rent a boat, you can get here quickly. Whereas hiking from Ischia Ponte takes about 45-60 minutes. In addition, the beach offers plenty of space for relaxation. However, if you plan to explore the beach by car, then you need to know that to reach the closest parking area, you need to walk about 20 minutes from the beach.

7) Visit Chiesa del Soccorso: To enjoy the scenic beauty

However this place is small, but it is the most scenic landmark of this Island overlooking the Tyrrhenian. You can see here the Augustinian church of the 14th century, which was restored in the 18th century. To reach here, you need only ten minutes to drive from Giardini la Mortella to the westernmost tip of this Island.

It is located on the top of the reinforced cliff point. If you want to enjoy the magical sunrise and sunset, don't forget to visit here.

Make sure you visit Piazzale Del Soccorso, the home of historic buildings such as the Municipio town hall.

8) Monte Epomeo: Have your lunch while enjoying a mind-blowing view

If you visit this Island, don't forget to climb Monte Epomeo. The highest peak of this Island is about 800 meters. The lush mountainside greenery and trendermomus vineyards surrounded the place. Once you reach the rocky summit, you can witness the breathtaking sceneries over Capri, Procida, and the Gulf of Naples.

You can give yourself a treat of fresh tomato bruschetta or a decadent dessert from La Grotta Da Fiore. Just have your meal alone with enjoying the mesmerizing scenery of the place.

This place remains open from February to November (from 9 am to 6 pm).

9) Visit Lacco Ameno: Enjoy the surrounding views

If you plan to explore the surrounding locations before going to the beach, visit Lacco Ameno. As per the belief, this beautiful place is one of Italy's first Greek settlements. Many necropolises were found in the surrounding region. You should know that it is the smallest and prettiest city among the Island's six towns. Travelers can find several beaches and a small bay here, which are the perfect options for those planning to have a relaxing dip in the shallow waters.

Exploring the marina lets you see small fishing boats, mega yachts, and so on. San Montano is the most renowned beach that has a naturally enclosed bay.

10)Visit Ischia's thermal parks: to soak yourself in the naturally heated pools

This destination is ideal for couples and families. People who want to enjoy a soothing spa treatment at thermal spas must visit here. If you want to enjoy a luxurious spa treatment, then you can visit Sant'Angelo and its Fumarole Beach, where you will get several upscale thermal spa options. For instance, you can spend your time visiting Spa Aphrodite Apollon and the Romantica Resort & Spa. In addition, there are famous thermal gardens in the northeast, around Forio, such as Poseidon and Negombo. Moreover, you can go to the Castiglione thermal park, where you can soak yourself in the ten natural heated pools.

The surrounding waters, such as the Gulfs of Gaeta, Naples, and Pozzuoli, offer habitat to nearly seven species of whales and dolphins. In addition, it provides a habitat for fin and sperm whales. Special research programs on local cetaceans have been conducted to monitor their activities in terms of protecting biodiversity.


There are a lot of things that you can do visiting this Island. We will recommend you come here during spring. This Island is famous for its thermal water and thermal gardens. The volcanic nature makes the Island one of the biggest spas in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it worth going to Ischia, Italy?

What makes this place unique is that the landscape of Ischia changes from city to city. Therefore, tourists will have different experiences whenever they visit here.

What is Ischia Italy known for?

This most beautiful Island in the Bay of Naples is part of the Campanian Archipelago. The Rocky beaches and eye-catching sceneries with flowing hills of Ischia will definitely amaze you. In addition, the city is popular for thermal spas and natural springs.

Q. What is the best month to visit Ischia?

Easter is the beginning of the tourist season, and it lasts up to up to mid-October. Therefore, if you want to visit this place, we will recommend you visit in May and September as the temperature remains mild during these months.

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