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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Best Winter Getaways in Spain

Best Winter Getaways in Spain

Spain has always been one of Europe's top spring and summer getaways because of its cool seas and warm weather. The best time to visit Spain is winter as during this time there remain smaller crowds and the weather remains pleasant.

Several people consider Spain solely a summertime place. This country is adorned with beautiful beaches. But remember that you need to make trips here only from May to September. In this regard, you should know that the temperature in winter varies from place to place in this country. Usually, it remains between 5°C and 14°C. Visiting here, you can enjoy sightseeing around busy towns thanks to the cooler temperatures of the country. Let's dive into the top thirteen best winter getaways in Spain.

Best Winter Getaways in Spain:

You will surely get the magic feeling if you visit this nation during this time. You can enjoy a perfect Spanish experience due to the weather, light, and festive vibe.


Want to make a trip to Spain in December? Then, you must add this place's name to your travel list bucket. As much of the Sun in this country comes from its south coast, people can experience the warmest winter days in the region of Andalucía. This place is ideal for people willing to soak up some rays. Hence, the average temperature remains from 18°C to 20°C between November and February.

The town is coastal, and you can see a cooling breeze. But this town's temperature is higher than in other regions & towns. Although the climate is warmer, the place can offer a tremendous festive spirit of winter. While the street lights illuminate the area, the Christmas markets fill the city centre.


It is one of the places to visit in December or January. This one is an ideal winter escape for those who wish to explore more of the town from the bustle of bigger cities. It is a port town located in Murcia. Cartagena was previously a crucial naval port in this country.

Wanna get an immersive Spanish experience? Then, you must visit Cartagena. Tourists can enjoy the place by walking the colourful streets, taking in the markets or watching the Three Kings Parade.


If you plan to get a truly magical experience this winter, you must visit this town. In this capital town, you can have many festive-themed activities to do. The Three Kings Day Parade is the most popular festival held in winter. When you visit the town, you can find the festival running through the town's streets.

You get to see several street food vendors and stalls dotted around the town. The temperature in this city varies from mild 12°C (53.6°F) to around 0°C in winter. In addition, visitors can see snow in this town, a result of which it becomes a more attractive place as a winter destination.


Whether it is indoors or outdoors, Barcelona has a lot to do in both cases in December. People who want a colourful seaside escape should travel to Barcelona. Here, the temperature remains between 8 and 15°C (46 to 59°F) during winter. Therefore, the weather remains very pleasant for enjoying sightseeing views. During winter, you can hardly see any rain. So, bright days can be expected before making any trip to this place.

Although some festive activities are primarily seen in December and January, people can make plans to come here throughout winter. When you visit the place on the weekend, you can catch a football match at the famous Camp Nou stadium.


It belongs to one of the best winter getaways in Spain during December. If you are willing to have a Christmas feel to the winter escape to this country, Valencia will always welcome you. While Christmas markets remain filled the square, lights cover each building. If you are moving here and there, make sure to go to a stall selling turrons and roscon de Reyes (kings’ cake). Then, you can move to any old cafe to enjoy a cooler glass of horchata.

This city hosts an impressive Three Kings parade held on January 5th per year. Usually, you can feel cool temperatures here, whereas the average temperature is 10 to 15°C (50 to 59°F). Like other towns, this town sees fewer tourists in winter. Thus, access to the City of Arts and Sciences becomes easier.


This place remains not so crowded during winter. Therefore, it is one of the most impressive sights to explore. This one is Spain's southern region and the capital of Andalusia. If the temperature is considered throughout the year, it belongs to one of the warmest places. The highest temperature in winter in these countries is 17°C (63°F).

Despite the presence of hot weather, Christmas and Three Kings Day are considered as the main points of winter. Therefore, if you visit here during winter, ensure that you must catch the Christmas parade running through the city's centre. In this case, you should know that the Reales Carteros or Royal Postmen organise the parade. Moreover, don't forget to head to the Christmas concert performed by the Royal Orchestra of Seville.


If you are eager to enjoy skiing in December by making a trip to this country, you must visit the Sierra Nevada. Its ski resorts are the best choice for people looking for one of the best winter Getaways in Spain with added snow.

This mountain range comes into its own during winter because the snow is seen further down the mountainsides. If you are willing to get the highest skiing experience, you must take a ski lift allowing you to go to the summit of Pico de Veleta at 3398m (11,148ft). After that, the highest peak, Mulhacen, can be seen. Due to the availability of cosy restaurants, Spanish food, and unrivalled views, this village of Sierra Nevada becomes magnificent.


It is an ideal place for those who want to visit this nation in December. Here, the temperature here remains 17 to 23°C (63 to 73°F) between November and February. If you are in this city, you can see great hiking routes through the surrounding hills & mountains. People willing to avoid crowds and love to spend time in bars & beaches should visit Casco Antiguo or the Old Town. It comprises small narrow lanes which form a maze of tapas bars, local shops and restaurants. All buildings reflect the area's Moorish heritage.


If you want to tick off your journey list while exploring the country in winter, Cadiz is an excellent destination. In this place, almost 300 days remain sunny, making it one of the best winter getaways in Spain. Here, the low temperature remains around 10°C (50°F), where the temperature can reach 17°C (63°F) maximum. People believe this is the oldest attested historical city in Europe, dating from the 8th century BC.

Visiting here, you can notice a charming as well as electric mix of old architecture which is combined with a young spirit. If you are visiting this place, don't forget to try the seafood on offer.

The fish market only opens early for the restaurants and later in the morning for the public. Fresh fish are served in the Tapas bars and restaurants around the fish market.


This tourist destination, located in the country's north, is a wonderful destination to explore in winter. It is very close to the French border. The average temperature of this place remains 13°C (55°F). Although the weather is cool, the spectacular beaches are still welcoming.

You can see a huge number of Michelin starred restaurants here. If you are considering the budget, you can go to the local bar & enjoy the pintxos. In this regard, you must know that Pintxos refers to small plates of food that people can generally get as complimentary as a drink in most regional bars. Thus, you can get a chance to try the local delicacies on budget.


The islands of this country benefited from the presence of fewer tourists during winter, resulting in Mallorca becoming more laid back in winter months. Usually, the average temperature here remains 16°C (61°F). If you want to see festive decorations & lights and stick around for its festivals, you must go to Palma's capital city. If you want to make a trip for a few days or wanna have a short break, Mallorca is too small to travel across. So, what will you do? You can visit the island's villages by renting a car.

12) IBIZA:

It is one of the fun destinations to visit during December. This place is called a party island which is laid back much more in winter than summer. Here, the temperature remains between 16°C and 20°C (61 to 68°F) in winter. As a result, the island becomes pleasant for doing most activities. Ensure that you visit the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town is adorned with narrow streets and walls from the 16th century.


If you love hiking and want to explore canyons, you should definitely visit Lanzarote. It is an excellent location for those who want an adventurous trip. As it is a small island, you can travel around it by car easily. If necessary, you can follow in Cesar Manrique's footsteps. He is an artist dedicating all his works to making excellent locations across this island by visiting Mirador, the Cactus Garden and Jameos del Agua.


The winter season is full of local and nationwide festivals. Spain is famous for its ski resorts. Although these resorts are not as large as those in the Alps. In this article, we have mentioned the top 13 best winter getaways in Spain. Still if you have any queries, let us know via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is the best place to winter in Spain?

These are names of the best places to visit in winter:-

  • Málaga. 
  • The Canary Islands. 
  • Almeria. 
  • Murcia & Cartagena. 
  • Marbella.

Q. Is Spain a good place to visit in winter?

You must visit Spain in December due to fewer crowds and mild weather.

Q. Is Madrid or Barcelona better in winter?

If it comes to visit a place throughout the winter, you should choose Barcelona.

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