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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Hot Springs Northern California

Hot Springs Northern California

California doesn't lack of geothermal activity. That's why hot springs are one of the common things here. People can find steamy pools of mineral-rich water, natural or artificial, soaking pools in luxury spas and resorts.

A few ones are too warm to get into them. Most of these have just the proper temperature for relaxation and soaking. This article helps you to find the top Northern California hot springs.

What is a Hot Spring?

A hot spring is a spring that is produced when ground geothermally heated water emerges onto the Earth surface.

Where Are The Hot Springs In Northern California?

The best place to see them is east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Several primitive hot springs northern California are available which can deliver breathtaking views of surrounding landscapes.

The North side of this country boasts the majority of the natural ones. On the other side, the south portion showcases more developed ones. Let's see the country's geography to understand what we are saying.

Where is Northern California?

NorCal is home to the forty-eight nations in the northernmost section of the Golden State. On the north side, you can see cities like San Francisco Bay, Sacramento, and Fresno.

This place has epic topography like the Redwood Forests, Mount Shasta, the Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Valley, sections of Lake Tahoe, and a few of the Central Valley.

Bridgeport has the backbone of the Sawtooth Sierra Mountain range. It is located north of Mammoth Lakes and south of Lake Tahoe. This place is an ideal spot for outdoor adventurers and hikers. You can access the Sierra canyons, peaks, lakes, etc.

Top Hot Springs in California:


Its location is in the city of Bridgeport, CA. This one is a collection of warm mineral hot springs northern California which can offer breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can find these unreal views very captivating.

Some natural hot springs northern California are there, and all these have warm mineral waters emerging from the ground. Besides, the waters flow down rock formations. At last, these reach the pools. You can see pools of all temperatures, and the warmest one is adjacent to the parking area.

Before/during sunrise and during sunset is the best time to take a soak in such pools. The picturesque backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range can make it more tranquil.


It is situated in Bridgeport, just off Highway 395, adjacent to Travertine. There are three pools where you can see the constant flow of warm water. Once the heat becomes excessive, you should take a quick hop over the artificial rock walls.

Although this one is not as famous as nearby Travertine, it experiences good traffic. You can access it by hiking down a rocky. Besides, if you want, you can camp nearby at Buckeye Campground. When you go there, you will experience a rough road. 


Crowley, called Wild Willy, is famous near Mammoth Lakes in Eastern California. It is a bit adjacent to Los Angeles and other Southern California cities. However, this one is difficult to get to Northern California.

There are artificial pools, but you can enjoy the rugged outdoors. A major pool exists which can accommodate up to 15 people.

If you want the best experience, go during the winter or early spring while the mountains are coated in white. It is one of the most accessible ones in CA. So, you might need to share warm pools with others.

Drive down a bumpy road to reach there. Ensure that you drive slowly to avoid bigger bumps in the road. Once you arrive, you can see a small area for parking. After that, enjoy the warm pools by walking on a boardwalk. Keep in mind that you should bring snacks and a towel. While leaving the place, pick up all your trash.


It is another one situated about 45 minutes from Bishop, CA, and Mammoth Lakes, CA. Every campsite can offer a private warm tub where people can soak in. The unbeatable views of the White Mountains can easily amaze you. Besides, you can see eleven campsites where each is fairly private.

At sunrise and sunset, the views look the most spectacular. Once the stars appear, you can view the dark night sky's front and center seat.


Whether you are a day hiker or an avid backpacker, you do not experience any issues getting to this. Hike for a 20-mile round trip along the Pine Ridge Trail. After that, you can experience three natural warm pools adjacent to the Big Sur River.

It is one of the most challenging to get to. However, at last, this one must be worth it.

The trek is about 10 miles one way along the Pine Ridge Trail. Remember that it is an excellent backpacking trip. In this case, you need to cross two rivers during your hike. Besides, you should scramble some rocks to get to the pools. While getting to these pools, never expect luxury.

Natural Hot Spring Etiquette:

We have given some tips you should remember for your visit.

Dispose of waste properly: You have to pack everything back out. Remember that you can not get any garbage service in most of these natural areas. Try to leave each one in better condition.

Be considerate of other visitors: You can relax in such places. People usually don't prefer to share their soak with others.

Respect wildlife: Don't try to handle wildlife. You can keep it secured by protecting food and trash accurately. If you are a dog owner, you must pick up after your pet.

Be welcoming and share: These are famous and allow people to enjoy themselves.

Plan ahead and prepare: A few warm pools need hikes. These can be harmful in specific weather conditions. Ensure that you check the fire, weather, and trail conditions before traveling.

When Should You Visit The Northern California Hot Springs?

You should visit here in the Spring and Fall when temperatures are ideal for enjoying the warm water.


There are multiple hot springs northern California resorts and spas which charge day-use fees and admission fees. However, a few exist which are free hot springs northern California. These names include Wild Willy, Benton, Buckeye, Travertine, and Sykes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Does Mount Shasta have hot springs?

It is the oldest one in CA.

  • Q. Where is Hunt Hot Springs, California?

It is situated near-ish to Redding, CA, in Big Bend.

  • Q. Can you go to California hot springs?

Yes, you should just take a dip at this historical spa in Ukiah.

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