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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Hot Springs Colorado

Generally, we enjoy cold days very little in life. Besides, nights remain cool always for the state's higher elevations and make people feel like perfect hot springs in all seasons. As there are multiple choices, you may find it challenging to select the best mineral bath in the state.

We have given a few names of public resorts with an entry fee. You can get to know about both types of hot springs Colorado, and these are the developed resorts ensuring a quality soak in every season.

What is a Hot Spring?

It is a spring created while geothermally heated groundwater emerges from the Earth's crust.

Top Attractive Hot Springs Colorado:

1. Mount Princeton:

It is a historic landmark set up in the 1860s. This attractive hot springs colorado can provide a wide array of modern amenities and options. If you're willing to have the most natural experience, like soaking in creekside pools, visit here between May and August.

The man-built mineral pools remain open throughout the year. Besides, you can enjoy a four-hundred-foot water slide also. This location can boast family-friendly fun, and amenities abound.

Enjoy the in-house spa and juice bar. In addition, you can experience a pre-soak stroll in the neighboring San Isabel National Forest. Different rooms are available here, including private cabins, elegant lodge rooms, cliffside rooms with a view, etc. Mount Princeton can meet all your willing that you wish to have.

2. Strawberry Park:

Do you want to have a more laid-back experience? Then, you must choose Strawberry park as your first choice. It comes with onsite camping and rustic cabins, keeping you away from the hustle.

The hottest pool of the park measures 104 degrees usually, making it one of the best soaks of hot springs colorado. But this park becomes clothing-optional after the sun sets. After visiting here, you can enjoy private massage huts and watsu water therapy in a private pool. Do you want to melt away your stress? Choose Strawberry Park to spend your valuable time.

3. Joyful Journey:

With the ultimate spa and wellness excursion, it can easily make its place on the top list. The place can offer different options. When it comes to lodging, you can select between exquisite hotel rooms, backcountry camping, an adventurous yurt, etc.

In addition, you can have three various choices for pools from 98 degrees to 108, depending on your desires. Each pool can offer the utmost cleanliness to the people. The multitude of spa services and the weekend camel rides make the place eye-catching when it comes to enjoyment. You can have many things to enjoy here. If you want to do yoga, do it here on Tuesdays. On the flip side, it offers a clothing-optional evening on Wednesday nights in the pool.

4. Valley View:

Naturism can drive the passion behind the place, and it is a personal choice that is perfect for people of any age or setting. These have a high bar set within their stunning natural setting, seven pool choices, and all-season camping and lodging accommodations.

Waterfall Pond is one of the highlights of the pool options, and it offers the hot water trickling in from behind, making a great atmosphere. In addition, you can enjoy Sauna, Cooling Basin, or the massage therapist. If you're looking for a natural sanctuary set keeping you apart from the world, the Valley View location is something you must enjoy.

5. Cottonwood:

Cottonwood is one of the best hot springs colorado nestled just away from downtown Buena Vista in the San Isabel National Forest. When you come here, you can select multiple options to choose from. It can ensure you will find what you are willing to have.

The place can offer different accommodations for everyone. If you are willing to have your private room or look for a budget and want to try the dorm, Cottonwood is where you must visit.

If you want to experience a more private place, the combination of a multitude of private cabins and rented houses makes the place attractive. Moreover, if you are an overnight guest, you can enjoy overnight private access to such places.

You can relax here with an onsite spa. 100% natural pools and filled with beneficial minerals make Cottonwood awesome.

6. Glenwood:

The place is set between ski resorts Aspen and Vail, attracting tourists from a long distance. It has the world's largest pool for hot springs colorado keeping it on the top lists.

You can see here a 107-room lodge. You can go there by walking and enjoy the downtown restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. As the place offers a complimentary poolside breakfast and a mineral therapy spa onsite, you must want to spend your time here.

Many people want to relax and keep themselves away from their daily lives. Glenwood is the location where you can have a state-of-the-art fitness center. It offers many classes to choose from, including a spa, record-winning pool, or vicinity to skiing draws.

7. SunWater Spa:

SunWater Spa can offer heat to cedar soaking tubs with solar power. When the water warms, the cedar oil gets released into the water. Thus, it can provide an exceptionally soothing and aromatic experience.

You can experience holistic relaxation with spa treatments, including yoga, movement, and meditation classes onsite. Besides, the spa can offer lodging, food, a farm, garden, and bed & breakfast.

8. Penny:

Are you looking for something easily accessible? Then, it is the destination you must visit. It is only 15 minutes from the town of Carbondale, and you can get the hot spring Coronado available alongside the gorgeous Crystal River. Multiple primitive rock-lined pools can capture the hot water source. Thus, it helps to keep the cold river water away. You can manage the pool temperature by moving the rocks to let in more or less river water. In this location, the size of the biggest pool is about 20 feet across and 2 feet deep with a sandy bottom.

Generally, the water source is roughly 130°F. However, those near the River are cooler than that in most cases. You should test the water temperature before entering, and thus, you can ensure that the water is not so hot for you. You can often find the place filled with visitors in afternoons and on weekends.

9. South Canyon:

It is nestled deep in the rugged Rocky Mountains and is available near the resort town of Glenwood. This one boasts merely two undeveloped pools, which need a short 1/8-mile hike to reach. In this location, the primary pool measures between 100°F - 112°F temperature. Therefore, ensure that you must test the water before entering.

The original pool size depends on the year you visit and the current weather. It is a very primitive pool. Besides, the place is famous for nude bathing, and it might be a party hot spot on weekend evenings. If you want to soak by yourself, you should arrive early or during the week.

10. Radium:

It is an ideal choice for people who like to have a slightly cooler soaking pool, and the reason for that is the average temperature hovers around 80°F.

You can find the primary soaking pool setting alongside a slow-moving section of the River. Large rocks keep the pool away from the River by blocking off it. But an ample amount of river water can seep through to decrease the overall temperature. The large rocks across the River allow you to jump across, but it is dangerous. If you plan to participate, ensure that you need to exercise a lot. The Mugrage Campground is perfect for camping for a few days while enjoying it. You only need to hike 20-minute away, and it is notable as a free dispersed camping area.

11. Conundrum: 

With more than 11,000 feet in elevation, the place can offer plenty of spacious, rock-lined primitive pools with warm, mineral-rich waters. You need to hike a long 8.5-mile to reach there. However, there are many backcountry camping available in the surrounding area.

12. Rainbow:

If you plan to visit the state, make sure you must make a trip here. It is tucked away along a narrow, fast-moving section of this River deep in an isolated section of the Weminuche Wilderness Area. You need to hike 4.5-mile only to access it. It has two major rock-lined looks situated adjacent to the River. Due to the presence of rock lining, warm mineral water is captured. However, you can move individual rocks to allow more river water to manage the temperature better. Each pool comes in large size and hovers between 95°F and 105°F. It relies on multiple factors.

13. Piedra River Hot Spring:

It is one of the most attractive hot springs Colorado. If you love to have a rustic soaking experience, make a trip here. It is located near the Piedra River and needs a short hike to reach. Visitors have many pools to select from, depending on the pool size and water temperature. It is possible to manage the water temperature by moving around the rocks. Thus, you can allow more or less river water into your pool.

The geothermal pool's temperature hovers around 100°F. In addition, these are famous for their mineral-rich waters, and multiple people claim that these are their restorative properties. If you love seclusion, you must want to visit a remote location.

14. Rico Hot Springs:

It is situated on private land, less than 35 miles from Telluride. These are ideal for soaking, making them a well-kept secret.

You can see here many small and primitive mineral pools. These have two small man-made tubs heated with naturally-warm mineral-rich water. The temperature of the main tub is around 100°F. Both pools are alongside the gorgeous Dolores River. These have been well-known destinations since the discovery.


The state is a western state of the U.S. You can enjoy many hot springs Colorado after coming. Look at these top seven choices we have given in this guide to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. What part has hot springs in Colorado?

Pagosa, Colo can offer and it is home to the world's deepest geothermal hot springs Colorado. It can provide different pools with temperatures ranging from 66 to 110°F.

  • Q. How much does it cost to visit here?

If you're an adult, the price begins at $30. Besides, for kids ages 4 to 15 and seniors over 62, the price is $25. Kids under age three can get it for free. You can stay overnight by paying $150 minimum for two guests if you want.

  • Q. Does the state have the biggest one?

Yes, the biggest one on the planet is in the Glenwood. It can let you experience plenty of room to soak, swim, splash around, etc. Besides, you can even relax on an inflatable. In addition, you can see here a diving area and a lap lane. Soaking in hot mineral waters is one of the best healing traditions in multiple cultures.

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