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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Hot Springs Japan

Hot Springs Japan

Japan hot springs usually have classic hot and therapeutic baths which most tourists enjoy very much. If you are looking for amazing onsens, these are great options. Japan is the land of good food and squeaky clean streets. In addition, you can enjoy Tokyo's buzzing metropolis, breathtaking natural landscapes, etc.

Although there are multiple attractions, the onsens are the most preferable to the visitors. These are natural warm baths which can cleanse one's system. Besides, japan is home to multiple active volcanoes. In addition, it has experienced the birth of multiple natural onsens with different health properties. So, visiting them has become necessary for Japanese people. It is a practice from the eighth century. Have you been confused about which one is the best? We have given top onsens in the nation.

Top Hot Springs Japan:

1) Kusatsu Onsen:

Situated in Gunma Prefecture, it has been voted the best one in the past two years by Travel companies. Mount Kusatsu-Shirane is its source. Hence, the discharge amount is over 32,300 litres per minute. You can enjoy sulfur springs, but it relies on the location. This spot is famous for its health benefits in curing skin diseases, neuralgia, diabetes, etc. Located at 1200 meters above sea level, you can enjoy skiing here in winter and hiking during the rest of the year. In addition, it is possible to enjoy activities such as bathing in various seasons.

2) Beppu:

While Seto Inland represents the sea, Beppu means onsen. It is situated in Oita Prefecture and is iconic in the Onsen region. You can see plenty of onsen in Beppu City with different atmospheres. But these are separated into eight spots. That's why we know Beppu City as Beppu Hatto. It has the highest number of onsen spots and the country's annual yield of onsen water.

3) Yufuin:

It is a popular place situated in a small valley surrounded by mountains. It is a good choice for you if you are willing to have the special Onsen experience. The reason is that it isn't a busy touristy resort. You can see many fields and paddies spread throughout the valley. In addition, cherry blossoms and mustard flowers and green rice fields can mesmerize your mind. Besides, you can experience yellow ginkgo & bright red maples in autumn; and white snow covering the entire town. If you want to feel the lives of Yufuin locals, you should stay longer.

4) Arima:

It is situated at the base of a fall foliage valley among steep mountains. This one is a very old and popular city with a unique atmosphere in Hyogo Prefecture. While it was set up 1300 years ago, it has been famous as a spa resort. In addition, you can see here many preserved historical temples, shrines, and houses. Besides, there are western-style hotels and facilities which you must experience. It can attract tourists to the historical region & spa resorts from worldwide.

5) Noboribetsu:

The term "Noboribetsu" comes from a "Nupurupetsu" word. It means "The white, muddy river" or "The thick coloured river". Besides, views of boiling and bubbling water can make you imagine Hell, where demons live.

6) Kurokawa:

It is situated in central Kyushu, about 20 kilometres north of Kyushu. While it is famous for its attractive city, it is popular for outdoor baths. A few are situated beside a gushing river or are impressed by their large size. Its history was dated back 300 years ago. There are many spas, one of which is famous for curing wounds and is called "Kizuyu". It means "spa for curing wounds." Local people maintain this spa and use it as a public bath.

7) Kinosaki:

Whether you are seeking a great stay & bath in good in Onsen, it is an excellent spot. In addition, it is a great place to work around at night. So, you should choose Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture as your option. While multiple hot springs in Kinosaki are available, the seven public hot springs are the most well-known.

The onsen has a wealth of minerals like sodium, calcium and chloride. These are ideal for fatigue, digestive issues, nerve and muscular pain, and bruising. Every seven-bath houses in Kinosaki are different for its unique features. You must try these if it is an outdoor cave bath or an ice sauna.

8) Hakone:

You only need one hour by train from Tokyo to visit the place. It is an Onsen spa resort in Kanagawa Prefecture, near the highest mountain, Mt. Fuji. Many sightseeing points are available, including the range of mountains from Mt. Kami-Yama (the highest elevation in Hakone) to Mt. Komagatake over the central cone, Lake Ashino-ko (a caldera formation) on the crater basin, sacred Mt. Fuji in the west. The beauty and sightseeing can easily mesmerize you. Besides, it has over one hundred accommodations, beautiful nature and world-class art museums. This place is an attractive location which you must visit in the country.

9) Yamashiro:

It is a great option if you are looking for a venerable hot spring resort in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This location faces the Sea of Japan. You can find a long history of more than 1,300 years where you know a lot about traditional culture. Previously a bird healed its wounded wings. After that, it became famous around the nation for its benefits. Since then, it has come with rich culture as a resort loved by multiple writers & artists. You need only about 2 hours and 20 minutes by train from Osaka and Nagoya. It is perfect for business or sightseeing. You must not miss the chance to experience a slice of a traditional country.

10) Atami:

The term indicates "hot sea", and it is itself an old onsen. People found warm water blowing out from the sea about 1500 years ago. They saw then multiple fishes died. Thus, the term Atami came. It is actually a town in Shizuoka Prefecture, located between Tokyo and Osaka. This place is famous for Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula. In addition, the famous destination of Hakone is also within reach, and you can access it by a one-hour bus trip. This water is weakly alkaline and gentle to the skin.


These top hot springs are great choices for you. Whether you want to plan a fishing trip instead, check out a few modern cases to bring your gear on for these trips.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Which city in Japan has the best hot springs?

Kusatsu is a famous place in the country.

  • Q. Are hot springs real in Japan?

More than 3,000 "onsen" are in Japan. You can find it at the ryokans.

  • Q. Do you wear clothes on an onsen?

You should be naked completely.

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