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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Individual holidays in Italy

Many people prefer individual holiday trip in Beautiful Italy. This type of trip gets more and more popularity with the tourists.

Individual tours are popular because they provide the independence in one hand and on the other hand they are often cheaper in comparison to a package holiday. In addition, individual breaks a great opportunity to get to know other countries better.

In the organization of an individual holiday in Italy, one should consider carefully whether you want to thoroughly plan each vacation day before the trip or some options should be open for the spontaneous changes. Finally there are some good offers from low-cost airlines and you can use the train for local movement. In an individual vacation in Italy you must not be confined to one region and can travel around the various corners of the country.

Especially I would like to recommend the City of Rome with its monuments from antiquity, the Tuscany's cultural highlights, the romantic Venice on the Adriatic, the Italian lakes amidst a heavenly landscape, and Sicily, with its magnificent beaches. The kind of accommodation you can choose spontaneous whim, only one should expect in the high season with short-term fully-booked accommodation. Individual holidays are not in vain sought after.

In an individual vacation in Italy you have too many ways to be active. You can use the holiday to go swimming in the Mediterranean and also combine this with a sports trip with friends where you can play tennis or football. Moreover, there are quite a lot of beautiful places in Italy where you can wander, too. Italy is just a dream country where they are active during holidays and also good at keeping in shape.

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