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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ancona, Pisa, Florence, Venice - A Tour of Italy

Ancona is probably not the first port of call for travelers to Italy, but definitely worth a visit. The port city presents a bit different from the major tourist magnets and is wonderful as a starting point for further travel through the north of Italy.

Armed with a variety of guidebooks, sturdy shoes and even better friends, I went some years ago on a similar tour. Ancona forms for such an unusual exercise, but just so interesting start. Here the locals still have not completely set on tourism. While in Rome is conveniently situated right in different languages, you come here often, even with English not well. The sparse existing signs and street signs are like attached to hard-to-points, and so gets even the search for the accommodation to the adventure, especially when one has to be a backpacker place in a large hotel accommodated in a small inn or a secluded hostel.

Ancona, Pisa, Florence, Venice - Italy begin the round trip can

The port city of Ancona on Italy's Adriatic coast has to offer very good stuff. The ride on a public bus to some remote sandy beach becomes a nerve-racking adventure, if the already narrow road to the left of a steep slope and limited the right of the mountain massif and the driver is not even in the tightest corners of the pace will slow down. And if you tried to reach from the port to on foot the higher cathedral, while outside the car tunnel, the path next to the busy express lanes straight times half a meter wide, can not detect a different approach, one developed at the sight of finally reached a church building probably rarely felt relief. Note: the next visit to Ancona better place by car and a comprehensive dictionary instead.

However, we had decided on a train. And just such a vehicle, it went after three days in Ancona in the morning to Pisa. The small city with its world famous leaning tower offers first then a wonderful opportunity to rest. With a delicious Italian ice cream in the waffle, it can be in the Piazza relax first class. Next to the tower and the cathedral and the baptistry located here are real little highlights of architecture lovers. Apart from a dreamy streets which are perfect for strolling, Pisa holds at least for the more adventurous visitors but not too much more ready. So after a day trip has been on the evening drive to Florence.

In Florence, the art-interested people will be entirely at his expense. In particular, the Uffizi Gallery and other art galleries are worth their collection of works from painting and sculpture, a detailed visit. The world-famous statue of David by Michelangelo is kept here. Wen discourage the long lines at the museums, however, can at least look at a very close copy of the established popular sculpture. Santa Maria del Fiore, the magnificent central dome, then you should visit but themselves. Who has sufficient condition should be a climb to the lookout tower and the view of the city can not escape.

The end of our trip was Venice. A visit to the famous Piazza San Marco can not be absent, of course. Midst of the infamous pigeon flock here you can marvel at the St. Mark's Church and the other surrounding buildings and then go on a discovery tour through the city. The world-famous carnival masks can be found here in every small shop and the street vendors, who were posted everywhere in the city. A gondola ride, and countless by strolling through the city crossing bridges later turns slowly a recurring sense of deja vu, and so tends to be also the Venice visit to a close. Approved it for dinner one last authentic Italian pizza, you can finally satisfied and share rich, and to many impressions in the night train back home.

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