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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Things to Do in Manitoba- A Star Attraction of Canada

Things to Do in Manitoba
If desiring a take a break and go on a trip then you should pick up Manitoba as your destination for a wonderful holiday. Manitoba is often overlooked as a tourist destination in the heart of Central Canada. There are so many Things to Do in Manitoba.

There are 61 major tourist attractions across the province, from iconic destinations and historic hot spots to cultural centers, and outdoor gathering spaces. There are almost more than 50 National and Provincial Parks. Along with outdoor adventures such as polar bear viewing, beluga whales, horse riding, camping, and hiking through national parks, Manitoba offers more things to do and also offers its fair share of festivals, museums, markets and more.

There is a lot of enticing things to do in Manitoba.

Things to Do In Manitoba: 

  • The Forks, located at the junction of three Red, and Assiniboine Rivers near Winnipeg’s downtown core is the best place to be in summer and winter. The Fork market and the Johnston Terminal Building restore historical buildings with interesting shops, restaurants, and casual food stalls. In winter the outdoor skating rink is, particularly for families. The Forks market provides an exceptional shopping experience to the locals and visitors. Handmade jewelry, clothes, toys, and historical souvenirs are available.
  • Seeing the northern lights dance across the sky is what draws visitors from all over the world. The peak viewing time is from January to March. The best time to see an aurora is in the heart of winter when the skies are dark, and the weather is cold. Head outside to the city’s provincial parks to increase your chance of seeing the lights.
  • Hecla Island: for a nice escape to nature and a relaxing getaway in Manitoba, Hecla Island is a favorite things to do in Manitoba. In summer, you can hike the trails, play golf, and enjoy the beaches and lakes in winter. Head on the cross-country ski trails, book a treatment at the spa and relax around a fire.
  • See Polar bears in the wild at Churchill where you can witness polar bears and beluga whales in their natural habitat. The best viewing time for Polar bears in October and November.

More Things to Do In Manitoba: 

  • Beaches: Grand Beach is one of the top beach destinations during summertime where you can also enjoy your evening stroll. You can escape to a corner of Grand Beach where large dunes and plant life allow privacy and quietness that you crave for. 

  • Asessippi Ski Area and Resort is a family resort. This is the largest ski resort in Manitoba with downhill ski/snowboard runs, night skiing, terrain parks, kiteboarding, dog sled, snowshoe trails, and down snow tubing parks. For adrenaline junkies snow biking or kiteboarding on the slopes is famous. There’s a food court, pun, rental shop, and gift store at the resort as well. 

  • Assiniboine Park Zoo is a popular place for family fun. The kids visiting this zoo can have a great time exploring and learning about the different animals. The real highlight of the zoo is the journey to Churchill’s experience. Watch the Polar bears swim and play above your head in the underwater viewing tunnels. The zoo also has all three species the tigers, leopards, and bears. 

Fun Things to Do In Manitoba 

  • Hit the slopes: Manitoba is known to be a prairie province, but many mountains allow for some super downhill fun, from bunny hills to double black diamonds. There are games for all skill levels and interests. So take advantage of the snowy days at Manitoba’s ski hill.

  • Entertainment along with your family: make memories on a family trip to music or cultural festival. Manitoba’s Museums makes the kids explore different topics. Manitoba offers a load of family-friendly vacation options. Enjoy camping at one of the parks. There are tons of other fun outdoor adventures like hiking and boating. Visit the beach on a sunny summer day splashing and building a sandcastle. There is wildlife viewing for kids. 

  • Tinker town Fun Park is an amusement park. It is a place of great fun and pleasure for kids. The park includes rides and various attractions to please visitors. Adults have the opportunity to play mini-golf in the park. After enjoying the rides visitors can cool themselves in water wars. 

Festivals in Manitoba: 

Festivals in Manitoba
Manitoba has tons of festivals. There are so many to choose from, music to culture from Winnipeg to the edges of Riding Mountain National Park.

  • Gimli and the Iceland festival of Manitoba: Gimli is a small resorts town, approx an hour’s drive from north of Winnipeg on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. During summer Gimli comes to life as visitors and cottagers flock to this area to enjoy the beaches. The main highlight is the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. The festival is meant for adults and children with all kinds of activities and entertainment. 

  • Festival Du Voyageur at Winnipeg is one of Manitoba’s premier winter events. This festival takes place each year in February in St. Boniface, the French-Speaking district of Winnipeg. It is celebrated in honor of the French Voyageurs who transported furs in birch bark canoes. Adults and children enjoy this festival. Traditional French music, cuisine, and other entertainment are held in outdoor tents. 

  • Zoo light festival: when the sun sets the Zoo light comes on. While you walk through the Assiniboine park Zoo you‘ll enjoy the breathtaking, magical display in Polar Town. Experience the great food, mini market, and interactive installations. 

  • Food festivals: Manitoba celebrates the weeklong festival. Each week is dedicated to Manitoba-themed food. To name a few is Le Burger Week, La Poutine Week, Fried Chicken Fest, and Manitoba Pizza. 

Manitoba Cuisine: 

Sampling the cuisine of a country is one of the delights of traveling. No matter spending your time in the city or hitting the road on your trip, Manitoba’s cuisine will impress and surprise you.

Most traditional dishes in Manitoba is Smoked Goldeyes, Honey Dill and Schmooze Torte

Family Getaway in Manitoba: 

It is not only beaches, lakes where kids can dive or cruise on in a boat. It is much more than that. Manitoba offers so many resorts and campgrounds that cater to families. There are also water parks, zoos, and northern Arctic tours.

Some of the getaways across the province your family will be excited to go on are rubber Ducky Resort and Campground, Lilac Resort, Falcón Beach Ranch, Buffalo Point Resort, Big White shell Lodge, Asessippi ski Area, and Resort etc.

Best Time to Visit Manitoba: 

  • Manitoba’s hottest and busiest season is summer. July and August is the ideal time to visit since it is warm during the day and cool at nights. 
  • At the end of May during springtime, it freezes and turns warm by June. 
  • September is a pleasant season where tree changes color and just cools enough. Time to Relax:
Tourists get busy hopping from one attraction to the other taking advantage of all the cultural and outdoor experiences. So it’s time to take some break and pay a visit to Therma by Nordic Spa nature. The Scandinavian spa is the perfect place to unwind and destress.

Soak for long in a thermal pool, sweat it out in the Finnish Saunas and get a good massage. And last but not least enjoys a good meal.
Those interested in visiting Manitoba will find a wealth of unique experiences.

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