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Friday, March 2, 2012

Traditions of Canada

Religions and beliefs

Christian religions are disproportionately represented, but all other major world religions are present and practiced in Canada. Unlike what happens with their American neighbors, there is a sharp separation between religion and politics. Leaders avoid talking about their own beliefs. Freedom to practice and respect for different religions are the watchwords. Canadians know so avoid, to a large extent, clashes between religious communities.

The concept of "reasonable accommodation"

To frame the risk of skidding, Canadian law has invented the legal concept of reasonable accommodation. To prevent discrimination and uphold the right to equality of every citizen, the interpretation of a statute or rule may be relaxed.

The measure was defined in 1985 in the Labour Code: "The obligation in the case of discrimination as a result of adverse effect, on grounds of religion or belief, is to take reasonable steps to agree with the complainant, unless doing so would cause undue hardship. "The intention is laudable, but the paved path to endless interpretations. What defines an "undue hardship"?

Good manners and customs

Generally speaking part of the country, such as bars nightclubs are open only to over 19 years or more in some schools. Above all, the lights sound much earlier: 1 or 2 hours (instead of 3 hours in Quebec) for 2h or 3h and bars for nightlife. If you dream of meetings, it is mostly in bars and in the box you will: it is not addressed in the street and in formal situations, to shock or even frighten. Alcohol is for all parties, to the excesses of binge drinking, where you drink for drink, until one is sick.

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