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Friday, February 14, 2020

Things to Do in Dehradun, A Romantic Hill Station

Best Things to Do in Dehradun
Dehradun is the capital city of the Indian state of Uttarkhand, close to the Himalayan foothills and nestled in the Doon Valley. It is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in India. The city is known for its pleasant climate and popular hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, etc. and pilgrim sites like Haridwar and Rishikesh. There are best Things to Do in Dehradun like sightseeing along with visiting amusement parks, trekking, camping, and much more. Dehradun is unique all from its name, location, culture, weather, and lifestyle.

Some of the best Things to Do in Dehradun: 

Tourist places in Dehradun: 

Sahastradhara Springs is a popular tourist destination in Dehradun. It is known as “The Thousand Fold Springs”. It comprises of waterfalls, caves, and steppe farming lands. The name is due to the water that drips from the limestone stalactites in the caves. Due to its medicinal properties and beautiful view, one can enjoy their holiday. You will find jharnas, boating point, mountain trekking, and a trolley ride to travel an ancient temple above the hills in Sahastradhara.

Robber’s Cave is a favorite picnic spot of young couples and fun-loving enthusiasts. Visitors often visit Robber’s cave for enjoying cold streams of water within the natural beauty of caves. One can enter the cold water with folding pants and witness small and large waterfalls. Experience the beautiful natural caves with legs in freezing water. There is something strange in this place wherein a stream of water suddenly disappears and appears again after a few meters.

Temple Visit in Dehradun

Tapkeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This cave temple is beside a stream on the banks of a seasonal river where drops of waterfall falls on the shivling and hence the name was given as Tapkeshwar. Cool sulfur springs around the temple is an excellent bathing spot for pilgrims.
Tapavan Temple is surrounded by lush greenery on the banks of Ganges. It is a hot spot for those looking for solitude to meditate and gain absolution. The ashram conducts classes in yoga and meditation. To be relieved from all your stress and leave with peace of mind make sure you visit this temple.

Buddha Temple: if you are looking for a calm and peaceful corner in the city, then you must visit this Temple of Buddha. This temple will lift your spirits high with its awesome scenario and craftsmanship. It is believed to fulfill all your wishes, if you rotate all those stupas without a pause in between, as it has some shlokas engraved on them.

Things to Do in Dehradun Shopping: 

Mall Road in Dehradun is one of the busiest shopping centers and is located in the heart of the city. It is a one-stop place for shoppers. These shopping centers exhibit a wide range of products such as electronics, ornaments, books, handicrafts, and readymade garments. Tibetan carpets, blankets, and Garwali shawls are the main attraction.

Paltan Bazaar in Dehradun is another great option in Dehradun for shopping. You can shop for spices, edibles and great artifacts from this market. Being a crowded market, Paltan bazaar gives a glimpse of rustic life.

Best Things to Do in Dehradun Outdoor: 

Water sports have become a big attraction for tourists in Dehradun. Various water sports like water skiing, boating, rowing, kayaking, and canoeing, etc can be enjoyed at the water sports resort in Dehradun. Waterskiing is an exciting water sport.

Har Ki Dun: hidden away from the bustling city, the beautiful cradle shaped Har Ki Dun valley is a must-visit place for any nature lover coming to Dehradun. At an elevation of over 3500 meters, the place is renowned for its amazing trekking trails and untouched pine forests.

The fun valley amusement park in Dehradun is the largest in the region. They have thrilling rides, a water park, Go-Karting, shopping and of course multi-cuisine restaurants and kiosks. The park also offers accommodation to spend a night or two.

George Everest is the highest mountain where you can explore nature’s beauty. Trekking is quite famous in that mountain. Located at the maximum height in Mussoorie the place has sunrise and sunset points. From the top don’t miss out on the view of the Doon Valley.

Chakrata is a remote and serene hill retreat fit for an idyllic escape. There are interesting things to do like trekking and camping.

Lacchiwalla, Dehradun is a popular picnic destination. Lacchiwalla is famous for its lush greenery. Picturesque cottages and hotels are plenty for staying.

Best time to Do things in Dehradun: 

Summer is the peak time of tourism in Dehradun. If you can tolerate the cold season, then you can also visit in winter. But avoid monsoon as it is prone to landslides.

A romantic spot in Dehradun is the best destination for the love birds. Couples of different ages can rush to explore the place of scenic beauty and create some memories to be cherished forever.

Rajpur Road is the center of attraction for the young night buzz. Couples are seen wandering and shopping along the street. This is a place every youngster should explore.

MDDA Park is termed as an official dating park where a couple can enjoy the view of the beautiful mountain sitting on the benches. The fountain view after sunset adds to the magnificence of the spot.

Things to Do in Dehradun at Night: 

Nightlife in Dehradun is the destination you need to hit during the weekend. The sky Hub lounge is the first open rooftop lounge in Dehradun, Uttarkhand. It is the coolest hangout with a beautiful ambiance. You can see the tiny lighting of Mussoorie city from the rooftop. It is not expensive also the menu has most items reasonable. The soup and starters being the best are worth the money. Ladies have more benefits.

Cuisine: since Dehradun is a hill station, the sprawling city attracts a large number of tourists every year. Here the restaurant takes a lot of efforts to cater to the needs of the tourist. Dehradun is blessed with luxurious hotels and restaurants from North Indian to Garhwali, Chinese, continental, Thai, and lots more.

Some of the best restaurants offering flavorsome cuisines are: 

Punjabi grill, Mussoorie lights, Y Cafe and Restaurants, Punjab restaurant, Black pepper restaurant, Town table restaurant, the Tavern, and the Terrace, etc.

Things to Do in Dehradun During Festivals 

Festivals of Dehradun: Attending festivals is the best way to dive into the culture of a state. Some of the important festivals are:

Kumaoni Holi, Jhanda Fair, Tapkeshwar Mela, Bissu Mela, and Lakhawar Fair

These stunning landscapes and the soothing climate have made Dehradun a favorite place to travel.

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