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Monday, February 3, 2020

Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination

Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination
A wedding comes only once in a lifetime so, why not make it memorable? A pre-wedding shoot is the most exciting part of a wedding. It is the best chance to capture your memories with your better half before your wedding. It is a new trend where pre-wedding photoshoot has become a part of every pre-wedding planning. Young couples are opting for destination wedding along with the rituals, and functions. Here are the some of Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination exclusively for yourself.

Before a photoshoot of your pre-wedding, there are several important decisions to make. It can be about yours and your partner’s outfit, the make-up or the best places for the shoot.

So get the best pre-marriage photoshoot done in the most romantic and unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination in India and Overseas.

In India Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination: 

The Taj Mahal Agra: 

This location doesn’t require any description. Taj Mahal is known as the symbol of love, a love that was once shared between a husband and wife. It shows us the love between them that is remembered from the early 17th century to the present. Who wouldn’t want to pose with the love of their lives in front of the symbol of love with so many views and incredible architecture? The Taj is bound to enhance the beauty of the couple shoot. Taj Mahal is also a gorgeous marble structure that will give your picture a larger than life feel.


Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir is a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot destination. One can experience a joyous and retreating adventure by visiting Sonamarg. It is home to various attractive destinations. The greenery with a lovely backdrop of snowy mountains will leave young couples with great Pre-wedding goals.

Gulmarg Kashmir: A couple, a love story and a camera that’s all you need to capture and freeze the memories of a lifetime. There is no better place than Gulmarg Kashmir. Gulmarg is the most pristine and picturesque location in India. It has the snow-capped Kashmir valley with a breathtaking Himalayan backdrop, deep valleys, majestic mountain ranges clear water stream, a calm lake, and a clear beautiful sky. Gulmarg is one of the most romantic winter havens in North India.


Element Resort Bangalore: if you have a fairy tale location on your mind, you must consider Elements Resorts for a pre-wedding shoot. This gorgeous place outside the chaos of the city provides greenery, starlit halls, and amazing decor. They also provide a perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photographs.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park: flaunt your love in the forest. The picturesque canopies and gentle streams of Sanjay Gandhi National Park attract not just for birds, butterflies, and bees, but couples as well. For couples seeking peace at fascinating places for their pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi national park is the best choice. Being a tropical forest you can find plenty of rusty and green backgrounds for your pictures. Early monsoon and post-monsoon up until winter s the best time to shoot at SGNP.

Gateway of India: it is a gateway to a new beginning. It is an iconic location for a pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai. Being a major landmark of the city, Gateway of India is inspired by the Victorian style of architecture. The 220th -century monument by the sea is a symbolic gateway to new beginnings in your life. Don’t forget to get a shoot in front of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel with vibrant maroon domes.


Kumarakom at Kerala offers pristine backdrops for pre-wedding shoots. Being a romantic location in India the Photographs of you and your better half cruising on a houseboat amidst the setting sun in the backwaters of Kumarakom will be beautiful forever. Kumarakom also offers various Lake Resort where you can shoot in the comfort of your suite. Kumarakom is a blend of luxury and beauty making it one of the best pre-wedding photoshoot destinations.

Overseas Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination: 

To experience love the couple must explore some of the world’s most romantic and beautiful exotic places, especially for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Bali Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination 

Bali is known for its magnificent volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches, captivating rice paddles, natural attractions, and cultural attractions. Bali is a popular pick among couples for their pre-wedding photoshoot, whether you pick to make memories by the islands, awe-inspiring cliffs or capture romantic moments along the beach with the glow of the evening sun in the distance. Bali is the perfect spot for capturing and celebrating romance and also a place to be if you are looking for a touch of paradise.


Norway should be on your bucket list at least once in your lifetime. The stunning Scandinavian country is the perfect spot to catch the Northern Lights for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Enjoy beautiful fjords and experience a winter wonderland. There’s no better way to explore and experience with magnificent Norway once in a lifetime pre-wedding photoshoot on this land of wonders.

Disneyland Hong Kong: 

For couples preferring fun, Disneyland brings out the inner child out of your beloved. It is a perfect place for a pre-wedding photoshoot for couples who want to lay back and enjoy having fun together. Enjoy your fairy tale photography session at Hong Kong Disneyland. No matter what kind of bride-to-be you are-gentle, elegant or playful, and fun the Disney wedding photography team will help you make your fairy tale dream come to life.

 Louvre Museum, Paris 

Louvre Museum, Paris is an architecturally stunning museum, and one of the world’s largest to boast. The Louvre makes a spectacular and eye-catching centerpiece to any pre-wedding photo and as such is a very popular spot for couples looking to shoot in the city of love. At night the Louvre palace and Pyramid are lit and provide an amazing location for night photos in Paris, The city of love is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Towers, Notre-Dame cathedral, Arc de Triumph, and Versailles Palace, and its vibrant cafe culture.

New Zealand Pre-wedding Photoshoot Destination 

New Zealand is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, and everyone’s dream destination. New Zealand pre-wedding photography is an awesome way of connecting before and reconnecting after your wedding day. New Zealand has such a vibrant color all-year round and its breathtaking sceneries everywhere is a good photo spot with New Zealand’s clear turquoise lakes and its perfectly green landscape. Newzealand makes for a gorgeous pre-wedding photoshoot destination at any time of the year for a pre-wedding photoshoot against a majestic backdrop.


Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination Switzerland

Switzerland is a gem in the heart of Europe. There is no other place so majestic than the Alps for a beautiful pre-wedding shoot. The picturesque lakes and magnificent snow-capped mountain along with your loved one makes it a perfect pre-wedding destination. Discover medieval mountaintop villages, landmark clock towers, and beautiful old chapel in Switzerland.

Chamonix France: 

What’s better than adventure to amplify love? France’s best silk destination is also popular for its pre-wed shoots, offering a plethora of locations to choose from like high snowy mountains, and cute little churches in snow. You will get the most dramatic pictures right in the lap of nature.

Pictures have the right to take you back in time to a different place and make you relive the special moment of your life. Capturing and locking beautiful moments in frames is what these shoots are all about.

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