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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Capri Island, a Starry, Mesmerizing and Alluring Island

Capri Island, a Starry, Mesmerizing and Alluring Island
There are so many things to do in Capri Island, the most famous and glamorous of the entire Island in Italy. The Island of Capri Island being dream holiday destination, it is also the perfect base to explore the artistic, historic, and natural treasures located on the other islands.

Capri is a famous paradise destination in Italy. Capri Island is just off the Amalfi Coast and Naples Coast. Capri Island is famous for its natural wonders. It is well-known for its nightlife, shopping, beaches, and sweet limoncello.

Here below are some of the best sights and attractions in Capri Island.

Best Attraction in Capri Island: 

The Blue Grotto is known for its sparkling blue water inside the cave. It is one of Capri Island’s most famous attractions. You’ll find sunlight illuminating the crystal clear water to a blue shade. At least once in your lifetime you should experience this marvel of nature and see firsthand why the Grotto Azzure is the most famous sight on Capri Island island. The best time to visit this grotto is between noon and two in the afternoon, since the light illuminating inside the caravan is at its strongest. To access the Blue Grotto take a boat from Marina Grande or a bus from AnaCapri Island or by the Via Pagliaro from AnaCapri Island.

Faraglioni is the most prominent attractions in Capri Island. It symbolizes the three mysterious rocks emerging from the sea just off the coast. Each rock has a name, Stella, Faraglioni di Mezzo, and Scopolo. These rock formation towers jutting out of the blue waters is a photographer’s dream. The best way to view Faraglioni is to walk along Via Tragara which is a treat in itself.

Via Krupp: The twisting hairpin bends of Via Krupp are located right next to the Giardini di Augusto. This is one of the most iconic landmarks of Capri Island. Via Krupp is a real jewel in Capri Island’s crown. If you see Via Krupp from above, you’ll be tempted to walk this dramatic winding pathway down to the waters below.

Activities in Capri Island: 

A climb up to Mount Solaro: if you are looking for the very best views in Capri Island then you’ll need to go to the island’s highest point Monte Solaro. From Piazza Vittoria in AnaCapri Island, you can take a chairlift up to the peak of Mount Solaro for a beautiful view from the top. Photograph the surroundings and stop for a drink at the “La Canzone Del Cielo cafe”.

Swim in the Mediterranean Sea: take a good look and then dive right in. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cool dip in the crystalline blue waters off Capri Island.

Do a boat tour around the island: Beaches in Capri Island, gets crowded. The best way to explore the island is on a boat. You can spend a few hours swimming in rocky caves and emerald green grottos. You will be able to view some of Capri Island’s most treasured natural wonders, like La Grotto Verda ( The Green Cave), La Grotto Azzurra (The Blue cave), La Grotto Blanca ( The White Cave), Faraglioni and Arco Naturale ( The natural Arch). If you are running short of time there are also larger crafts which will take you one hour tour around the island.

Romantic dinner: the wonderful way to end your day on the Island of Capri Island is with a romantic dinner featuring island specialties. Sample the traditional local dishes Ravioli Capresso filled with cheese and Marjoram and Torta Capresso made with chocolate and almonds.

Take a Hike: Capri Island is home to numerous hiking paths which take you to various attractions on the island. Via Krupp is one of them and will take you along the coast and Gardens of Augustus.

A Moonlit Dinner at Nerano: During the evening in summer small boats leave the port of Capri Island and sail in the direction of Punta Campanella. Many of these boats head towards Nerano where the islanders of Capri Island often go to enjoy an evening meal. There is a small sea view restaurants where Mediterranean cuisine is served according to the local recipe.

Beaches in Capri Island: Capri Island’s beaches are small coves tucker between the cliffs with beach clubs offering loungers, umbrellas, and cafes or public areas with rocks from which swimmer dive directly into the crystalline water. Capri Island beaches are all on the small side and during summer it gets crowded. There are many private and free beaches on the island. The most popular beach is Marina Piccola.


Shopping in Capri Island is a dream if you love a little retail therapy. Shop for handmade Capri Island sandals, handmade Italian sandals custom-made for you while you wait. Purchase perfumes made at Carthusia Perfumery. Capri Island is home to many famous brands. Capri Island is also famous for fresh wine, cheese, and limoncello.

NightLife in Capri Island

Nightlife in Capri Island: summer nights are lively in Capri Island, and the nights are long. Capri Island’s nightlife is a showy business. If you are a night owl then you can visit nightclubs and disco and dance away until just before the sun comes up.

Evening in Capri Island begins with a cocktail in Piazzeta where islanders and visitors relax and socialize before continuing to one of the local restaurants for dinner.

After midnight head to the tavern small clubs where there is usually live music and the festive crowd dance and sing along with Neapolitan Classics. The most famous late-night party spot is Taverna Anemae Core.

Best Time to Visit Capri Island: 

The Best time to visit Capri Island is during spring and fall. But if you visit in May, you’ll see Capri Island at its best. Winter here is cold and rainy with heavy fog and most tourist business closes for the season by late October.

Best Staying Options: 

Where to stay in Capri Island: when looking for accommodation in Capri Island you should know Capri Island is a luxury destination. There are not many budget hotel and even mid-range hotels will be more expensive. Budget Hotels: Villa Eva or Hotel Bella vista situated in AnaCapri Island

Mid-range Hotels: La Residenza or Hotel Mamela

Affordable Luxury: Relais Maresca Luxury small Hotel

5 Star Hotels: Hotel Caesar Augustus in AnaCapri Island or Capri Island Tiberio Palace.

Spend some extra time in Capri Island, since there’ something extra here, a magical quality you won’t find just anywhere and certainly won’t find in a day.

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