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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

South Tyrol, Italy’s Best Kept Secret

South Tyrol
Once you head North of Venice you’ll find one of Italy’s most beautiful and intriguing destinations South Tyrol with jagged peaks and dense forest. Backdropped by the Dolomite and Italian Alps South Tyrol, Italy’s less-Italian region is a fine blend of natural wonders and historic charm. Italy’s South Tyrol is also known as Alto Adige is a must-visit for travelers who love outdoor activities. It is a paradise for nature lovers. South Tyrol is dotted with charming towns, breath-taking scenery and renowned for its wines. German is the first language in South Tyrol.

Sightseeing in South Tyrol: 

There are many gorgeous and interesting sights in South Tyrol that are worth visiting:

Caldaro is known as a wine village, surrounded by the vineyards as far as the eye can see. Because of the quality of the soil, the production of wine is tremendous. The 73-meter-high bell tower of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta is situated in the main square that is the heart of the village. It is surrounded by shops, cafes and an open-air market.

Merano is an old town. You can admire their medieval city gates, Gothic churches, and some castle. While walking in the Park, you can admire the views of the surrounding hills. There are many spa centers. Merano is well-known for its wines and vineyards.

Bolzano is the capital city of South Tyrol. You will find museums, castles, Gothic and Romanesque churches and squares. It is also known as a town of festivals. During winter, you can visit the Christmas market, in spring visit the flower festival, and in the summer the jazz festival. They have a very good cycling path where you can rent a bike and go touring around the city.

Lago Di Braies is a crystal clear lake. This place is perfect for a relaxing day. This lake is surrounded by mountains. If in the mood of shopping, shops are selling local souvenirs at reasonable prices and bar with fast food and drinks. This location is best suited for romantic couples and picnics.

Adventurous activities in South Tyrol: 

No matter you are spending your summer, or winter holidays in South Tyrol, every season brings forth its special places of interest.

South Tyrol is famous for skiing and snowboarding in the summer.

Hike up the Stoanermen Mandlen in the Sarntal Valley: make a trip to the top of the mountain to discover the “men of stone.” These stone men were created by the shepherd to pass their time.

Hike the Waalwegs and Promenades: while spending time in the heights of the Dolomites, don’t forget to spend some time beyond the most jutting peaks. Wandering along South Tyrol’s Waalwegs is necessary. You can hike these paths. While enjoying your walk along the path you will be able to hear the melody of snow born water flowing at your feet, and encounter crumbling castles, wayside shrines, quaint churches, farms, and every other storybook scene.

Waalwegs offer the ideal way to immerse you in South Tyrol’s colliding Alpine and Mediterranean landscapes. There are also some beautiful promenades in all of Italy. Few of them are located in Merano and Bolzano. The hikers are exposed to natural beauty and architectural marvels dating to the middle ages and beyond.

A Sun-Drenched Paradise: South Tyrol sunshine is through the year. You can have a wonderful holiday with relaxation and a lot of mind-blowing adventures.

Leisure and activities: South Tyrol provides a great variety of activities that make you discover this beautiful spot with your loved ones. The conditions for outdoor activities are just great. You’ll have choices like mountaineering, and motorbiking.

Biking is a popular activity and the region has numerous routes to choose from.

Otzi -Ice mummy is one of the oldest mummies in the world around 5000 years old. This shepherd was found by some hikers. His death must have been very sudden. His whole body was in the glacier not disturbed. Later they decided to display him in Bolzano Museum at South Tyrol with all his complete sets of clothing and pieces of equipment.

The Mountains of Alta Badia is a place to remember during winter. It is known as the skier’s paradise in the heart of the Dolomites. You can ski, dive or hike to see the beauty of this part of the dolomite has to offer. During summer, you can enjoy fragrant woods.

South Tyrol is said to be a haven for health and fitness enthusiasts. You can indulge yourself in beautiful spas and resorts both rustic and contemporary styles. The landscape allows you to keep yourself more fit in the Alps.

If interested in ski mountaineering, Nordic ski, snowboard, ice hockey, Alpine skiing, free ride then Cortina d’ Ampezo is the best place. It is also home to some prestigious fashion brands. You will be able to get a good deal of mountain equipment and clothing.

Romantic places in South Tyrol: thanks to the unique landscape and wonderful sunset in South Tyrol. You will experience many romantic and unforgettable moments.

Some romantic and secretive places are: 

Lake Fennberger- Kurtatsh is a secret place surrounded by the woods and trees. You will be able to feel the air of romance on this lake during the summer month.

Knottnkino, Guesthouse Briol, Lake Pragser wild sea, Ruins rafenstien and Wildbad a resort.

Accommodation in South Tyrol: there is a huge range of accommodation right from luxury hotels to apartment rentals. South Tyrol offers exclusive staying experience on the farms. These farmhouses allow you to connect with rural life in South Tyrol. You can also admire idyllic scenery from your balcony.

Cuisines: a trip to South Tyrol is not complete without devouring hearty alpine culinary delights like smoked speck and dumplings called canederli or knodel. A savory dish also known as speckknodel is also served as a soup. Those with a sweet tooth can also satisfy with a traditional South Tyrolean marmalade filled pastry served in vanilla cream.

After visiting South Tyrol you will just fall in love. South Tyrol is a place where the land, the people and their passions capture you forever.

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