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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gota Canal – A Perfect River Cruise

To discover the beauty of Sweden, there are endless possibilities. A bike ride along the seemingly endless roads of the country, a bus trip with various stops, canoeing, river cruises on the waterways are only a small selection of what are the options available to visitors.

One of the most beautiful waterways in the world of the Gota Canal, which takes travelers through the middle of Sweden in Stockholm and Gothenburg in the west and east of the country's links with each other. The desire to connect the North and Baltic Sea, left the country once take a superhuman effort. Initiator of the development was the architect Baltzar Graf von Platen (1766-1829), who pushed through by his stubbornness, the construction of the canal. His opening he could not even see the end, but he created the basis for a unique journey through Sweden. Even if the motivation of Graf von Platen-economic nature Baltzar remembers, was the pioneer of many travelers.

The most fascinating kind on the Gota Canal is by using one of the historic cruise ships. The "MS Juno" (1874), the "MS Wilhelm Tham" (1912) and the "MS Diana" (1931) have been restored and now sail regularly on the waterway. Although almost every modern luxury cruise ship goes missing, the travelers enjoy every minute on the ship. If then it should again prevail due to the weather dysphoria, a meal is enough response, prepared by chefs in a magical way to get back to spread a good mood.

Only the stations that can happen during a trip on the Gota Canal, are also highly recommended. The two large lakes, Vattern and Varnernsee, cities like Tatorp, Linkoping, Norrkoping and Karlsborg are waiting for the visitors. Even trips to some remote Vimmerby, the home of Pippi Longstocking, are definitely worthwhile.

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