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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brazil Travel Itineraries

Attention! The country is huge: buy an air pass to the "jumping flea" from one city to another.

  •     The Sugar Loaf and Corcovado
  •     Districts Lapa and Santa Teresa
  •     The churches of Centro and Lapa
  •     The beaches: Copacabana (but far from being the best), Ipanema (eclectic in), Leblon (the smartest), do Arpoador (beautiful view), Prainha (the most beautiful, but Barra) ...
  •     The samba schools
  •     February: Carnival
Salvador de Bahia
  •     The district of Pelourinho and baroque churches (do not miss one of Bonfim) and the Convent of São Francisco
  •     The roda of capoeira in Fort Santo Antonio, Terreiro de Jesus or the Fundação Mestre Bimba
  •     The Bahian restaurants
  •     Beaches (Itapuã, Estella Maris, Barra do Flamengo and Jardim de Ala) ...
São Paulo

    Visit the center, and its historic buildings, especially the Patio do Colegio
    MASP and Pinacoteca museums.

  •     The old town and the opera
  •     The market
  •     The meeting of the waters and dolphins
  •     Excursion into the jungle with an agency (minimum two days)
  •     Back at the airport in Sao Paulo, Rio or Bahia
  •     The old town
  •     The chapel Dourada
  •     Around: Olinda, charming colonial town classified by UNESCO
  •     The Dragao do Mar Cultural Center (Memorial and the culture of Ceará Museum of Contemporary Art)
  •     Nightclubs (do not miss O Pirata, the largest in the world) ...
  •     Nearby, in Ceara Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada
  •     The port and the market Amazon Ver-o-Peso
  •     Park Mangal das Garças
  •     Tour of the island to parrot
Minas Gerais
  •     the colonial city of Ouro Preto and baroque churches
  •     works of Aleijadinho at Congonhas
  •     Guided tour of the modern city
  •     The panorama of the TV tower
  •     The buildings and monuments of architecture delusional ...

Campo Grande
  •     The Pantanal, the most beautiful nature reserve of animals in Brazil
  •     swim in crystal clear waters at Bonito (300 km)
Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha
  •     Diving or snorkelling
  •     The most beautiful beaches of Brazil: Baía do Sancho, Baía dos and Praia do Leão Porcos.

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