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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ko Lanta of Thailand

Ko Lanta of Thailand

KoLanta is a district present in the Krabi province. It comprises 4 islands namely Mu KoLant, Mu KoKlang, Mu KoRak, Mu KoNgai. The area is one of the oldest communities in Thailand and dates back to Pre-historic period.

Located at: the southern Thailand along and it lies off the Andaman Coast.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The origin of the name is not clear but there are a few guesses it originates from Japanese word Lantas which means a type of grill for fish. Later it was officially changed to “KoLanta”.


Consists of 3 major islands.

• KoKlang
• KoLantaYai (Largest island)
• KoLantaNoi.

The largest island has 9 attractive beaches. The island has mangroves, coral rimmed beaches and hills. KoLantaYai has the largest tourist attractions compared to that of KoLantaNoi. In 2012, they started to build a bridge across the two regions so that people might also get interested in exploring KoLantaNoi.

Local Languages spoken: Thai, English.


KoLanta is a tropical zone that lies just 8km above the equator. There are two seasons namely Hot & Dry, Cool & Wet. The tourists come in peak months are from November to May. Most people prefer the hottest period to visit the island. i.e. March & April. And during September to October there it rains well. During the month of January & February the skies are clear with a cool climate.

Divisions: The district is divided into 5 subdistricts also referred as Tambon which are further subdivided into 37 villages (Muban).

• KoKlang
• KoLantaYai
• KoLantaNoi
• Khlong Yang
• Sala Dan

Tourist Spots:

Many sightseeing as well as adventurous sports are encouraged for the tourists.

KoLanta Marine National Park:

The marine national park protects 15 islands including the southern tip of KoLantaYai. KoRakNai is a very beautiful cliff present here. Camping is permitted here. And hiking trips are also enjoyable here.

Hammock House:

If you’re touring around the motorbike then stop by this house and you would find yourself amused. The house contains unique and stunning creations which are woven by indigenous hill tribes. Also Biker Maps are also available to make your trip easy.

Chao Leh Museum:

The museum gives you details about the cultures about the Thailand and there are various exhibits that showcases the culture such as traditionally latched bamboo homes and the Oil canvasses. It explains the myths and music about the island.

Other than this Ban KoLanta and ThamKhoaMaikaeo are good tourist spot to spend your time.
Adventurous sports:

Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Fishing, Kayaking, Trekking, Thai Boxing are encouraged to the tourists. Additionally Thai Cooking & Spa centres are also available. Thai massages are famous all over the world.
Another major advantage is that the nightlife is relatively free from Crime and Drunkards and the local law enforcers are also lenient.

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