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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Aegadian Islands

Aegadian Islands
Aegadian Islands which in Sicilian are said Ìsuli Ègadi has the literal meaning the islands of goats. Aegadin islands are a group of small islands in the Mediterranean Sea which actually are small small flat peaked maountains. These are situated off the north-west coast of Sicily in Italy. The two nearest cities near the islands are the cities of Trapani and Marsala. These islands have a very small area which is close 37 square kilometres. Following are the few main islands which constitute this constelation.

Favignana (Aegusa)- this island is the the largest of the group with a area of almost 16 kilometres. It is situated in south west Trapani. Nowadays Marettimo is also considered the part of this group. There are two minor islands also in between Levanzo and Sicily by the name of Formica and Maraone. For the administrative purposes this lies in the Province of Trapani. This island is the most favorite tourist spot and attracts a very heavy crowd to it. It is tremendously beautiful. It has both marine and mountain beauty incorporated in itself.

Levanzo is the smallest island in this group. It has a very small port. It also has a small village which has white brick houses in it. This island can be visted by tourist in a very smart time. They can even stroll around the island.

Marettimo is among them is a very wild island. It is farthest from the coast and showcases wild form of the nature. Its scenery is dominated by the dolomite mountains which deescend into the sea.

Evidences show that the island has a very rich history. Evidences are found even from Neolithic and Paleolithic times in the caves of Levanzo. These caves painting are present in Favignana too to a limited extent.

The island have witnessed battles and first such uinstance is found of 241 BC. This battle was fought between Carthaginian side and Roman fleet. It was in 1081 when Normans finally fortified the Island. Rusconi family was the owner of these Islands till 1874 when these Islands were bought by a family of Plermo

Over the time these Islands have emerged a s a major tourism destination in Italy. A lot of local and foreign tourists visit these Islands yearly. There is a very decent transportation system available for the enthusiasts coming here. Numerous companies run car ferries and these company charges very decently. Tickets can be purchased from the port kiosks. Best thing is that these ferries are available round the clock. The time spent in ferries is fun too. You can enjoy swimming from the ferry to the island. But you should be very careful to find an idle time of the windows to purchase the tickets quickly otherwise it can take up really a long time.
All the island of the group are different in nature and provide different kind of fun to the tourists. Most of the islands are sparcely populated and most of the people seen are tourists only.

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