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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ko Chang of Thailand

Ko Chang of Thailand

It’s the 2nd largest island. The name means “Elephant Island” due to the elephant shape of the island. There are 9 villages at present. It’s a mountainous island with highest peak of about 743 meters (KhaoSalakPhet). The island has several coral reefs, rainforests and waterfalls.Lying the Trat province, eastern Thailand.

Located: On the Gulf of Thailand, borders Cambodia and lies 310 km from Bangkok.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. Before World War 2, the island was little known. During the period only few families made a living growing fruits and coconuts. During World War 2, Thailand was occupied by Japanese forces.


Ko Chang is a part of Archipelago that consists of 51 islands. The interior of the islands are mountainous covered with tropical rain forests. With Sandy beaches interrupted by Hotels, resorts and additionally rocky beaches are also present.

Local Languages spoken: English, Thai & Cambodian.


Climate is similar to that existing at Bangkok. November to February is the best season to visit these islands. March to May are the hottest seasons. And during June & October it rains. It’s not advisable to come duringthis season because many guest houses will close & accommodation is limited.

Tourist Spots: 

Ko Chang Island is famous for its beaches. The nightlife at these beaches are quite fun & entertaining with all music and dance. Primarily there are 4 beaches namely

1. Had SaiKhao (White Sands beach)

2. KlongPrao Beach

3. Kai Bae Beach

4. Bang Bao Beach.

Among them the white sand beach is the popular one in all of Ko Chang. Other than this the areas are suitable to get around. Loosen up and have some fun. Cars and Taxi are also available to roam about they are. But be careful about the fares. They’ll cost you the rate of a horse. Bargain as much as possible. If you want to enjoy the remote areas in the island then hiring a motorbike is perfect. It costs less than you go around in a Taxi.

Had SaiKhao: Also known as White Sand beach is the longest and the busiest beach in Ko Chang. It has the best nightlife in the island that has beach bars, Jazz & nightclubs. Accommodations are available from thatched huts to luxury suites. Along the mainroad Pubs, shops, restaurants & nightclubs are located.

KlongPrao Beach: KlongPrao beach is a white sand beach. Safe for swimming and the northern part of the beach has a beautiful rocky Landscape.

Kai Bae Beach: It’s similar to the KlongPrao beach and the swimming is totally safe here. Canoes and Kayaks are also available for hiring purpose and there are dive shops too.

Bang Bao Beach: Bang Bao beach is the best place to fish, do a snorkelling adventure & swim too. These beaches are quite famous for fishing since it’s a fishing village. Hire boats are also available.

Adventure Sports: 

Kayaking, Boating, Fishing, Swimming &Snorkelling are the famous adventurous sports encouraged for the tourists.


  1. Beautiful! Thailand is full of surprises despite being so popular. Thanks for the info.


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