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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heavy jets The Kings Of Private Aircraft

Heavy jets
Service providers with some of the best state of the art private aircrafts with vertically integrated ARG.US Platinum fleet are available to cater to the needs of their valuable clients. Their focus lies in providing air travel solutions to their clients, that are unique and one can travel in style with speed and comfort, be it leisure or a business trip. They have at their disposal a variety of options in the form of heavy jets, light jets, midsize jets, super midsize jets, turbo props and executive helicopters, which they own and can provide their clients with aircrafts appropriate for any travel in the shortest span of time. Their heavy jets are one of the highest choices with regards to executive aircrafts with optimal performance combined with a good amount of comfort for long distance travel.

Majority of the jets have an average cruising speed of around 500 to 560 mph with a standard nonstop range of more than 4000 fixed based operation accessible to major aircrafts. Moreover they also feature ample cabin space together with amazing modern amenities with ultra long range capabilities besides a blend of on board comfort and transatlantic capability.

On an average, the jet can also carry around nine to fifteen passengers where the interiors are so aptly designed to provide an appropriate atmosphere for a long air travel. These jets can take the passenger wherever they need to go, promptly, with great comfort and securely.

They provide specialized private jet services, private jet charters, and jet maintenance as well as aircraft management. With the provision of in house fleet of aircraft they are capable of providing their clients with private jet charter flights to any destination of the globe.

Clients could also avail their significant advantages along with incentives like Discounted On demand charter flights, Empty leg Charter flights inclusive of prices and opt for the facility of On Demand Charters in case of immediate needs which are available within a three hours notice wherein clients can avail this facility by entering into a Block Time Agreement or utilize the aircraft on a trip by trip basis. The pricing structure also permits clients with the provision of an affordable all inclusive private jet charter with accurate rate, based on distance traveled, passenger count, type of aircraft and the length of their stay at a destination.

Clients are offered guaranteed availability from their fleet of aircrafts at any point of time along with various crews available to suit the flexibility of their clients wherein they could make their choice on charters for affordability, flight range and luxury while traveling. All their flight crews have extensive domestic as well as international experience and selected based on their ability in offering the highest level of safety together with excellent customer services.

Interested clients could also request a quote for some of the charter flights which could be of tremendous help while organizing a business or a leisure trip to any interesting destination anywhere across the globe and schedule a flight on one of their well equipped and designed heavy jets.

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