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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Transportation in Brazil

The plane

Tam and Gol are companies that provide most of the flights in the country. In principle, Gol is cheaper than Tam, but it is always better to compare their respective tariffs as Tam also offers specials.

About low cost carriers, there are others in Brazil, fairly recent, as Avianca, Web Jet Azul.
Otherwise, the domestic airline Tam Airlines offers several packages of 90 days very interesting: the Brazil Air Pass. They are only for foreigners. The first pass, the least expensive ($ 532) includes four coupons, other versions are available, up to 9 coupons (9 domestic flights to $ 1,152), but still 90 days. The Brazil Air Pass can be purchased in France and some European countries.

Also important: you must book your flights in France well before the start, even change your route on site ($ 30 each change.

There are also local companies, serving the smaller cities of the regions where they operate, as Trip in the Amazon.

The bus

Clean, comfortable, safe, punctual ... the bus network in Brazil is very well organized and is an excellent mode of transport.

Buses are especially convenient for travel within a state because they can go anywhere. However, for very long distances, they compete with the aircraft, not really more expensive. Similarly, in the Amazon, you sometimes make detours of several days to reach the destination. Again, between the bus and plane, the choice is usually quick. Many trips are at night.

Each city has its rodoviária (bus station or terminal Rodoviário). There are lanchonetes to eat, toilets (sometimes with showers), telephones, instructions (guarda volumes), often ATMs and sometimes Internet access ...

- One drawback: you have to wait to be in the stage town to reserve the next drive.

- A tip: book your bus tickets upon arrival in your city-step. However, tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

- On medium and large distances, three types of buses, according to the comfort convencional (no AC or WC), executivo (with AC, toilet, reclining seats and distributors of coffee and water) and leito (semi sleeper seats, almost horizontally, with pillows and blankets).

- Information from companies Itapemirim, São Geraldo, Viação Águia Branca and Real Expresso.

The train

This means of transport practically does not exist except as a local curiosity, to serve on the outskirts of Rio, Minas Gerais rally in Vitoria (Espirito Santo) or to explore a little Sierra to the south, in Santa Catarina.

The car

In many areas, the car is the means of the tour more enjoyable. Expect, however, at very long distances. In theory, it is not moving faster in Brazil (80 km / h), and many trucks are not easy to overtake on the narrow roads, often busy.

- Roads are correct throughout, especially in the south and the southeast, but beware rutted pavement on secondary roads and in some remote areas (we can quickly put out a tire). Paved roads can be littered with many nests-holes.

- Motorways and expressways are rare, and service stations in some areas. In the Amazon, few paved roads are sometimes used as the dry season. As for the transamazonnienne or BR 319 (between Manaus and Porto Velho), they now contain, lack of maintenance, impassable sections throughout the year.

- Ride the night to avoid. Inadequate signage in the day becomes zero after dark. At night, in some neighborhoods of large cities, Brazilians do not stop at a red light for fear of attacks, lock your doors!

- Watch for trucks, which run quickly, and conduct Brazilian, sometimes ... Surprisingly, in vehicles not always in good condition. And do as they do: at junctions, crossings, etc.., Make use or overuse of the horn to signal your presence!

- Signage: curves are rarely indicated, and the systematic speed bumps at the entrances to villages.

- Rent a car prices, taking into account the offers and weekends are around 35-40 € per day, minimum. The International Driving Permit is required in some states.

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