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Monday, January 9, 2012


More than a country in South America, Brazil is a continent in the continent: about 8,512,000 km ², 286 times Belgium, nearly 16 times that of France! "A land of contrasts," said anthropologist Roger Bastide in a formula that had success against materialism brutal mysticism exacerbated magnificent splendor of the carnival against daily misery, against colonial baroque delusions futuristic Brasília, ardent Christian fervor and trance possession of African gods, colossal fortunes against malnutrition rampant ... There is no end to list them.

From the Amazon to the endless colossal Iguaçu Falls, the quadrilateral of drought in the area of the Pantanal wetland, Brazil, reached the extreme nature of the excess. Excess! This may be the key to Brazil. A civilization that is built is falling apart, reborn with crunches, explosions and incredible energy. So come to Brazil for its beaches, for its sun, its music, for the folly of its unique carnival for its tropical forests and jungles of the cities ... and especially to undermine your certainties, to let you eat, gently, without resistance, by the "Indians" and "Indian" natives of this land ... Brazil, a cultural boundary to cross.

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