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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Accommodation In Brazil

- Reminder: During the holidays (New Year carnival celebration Tirandentes, Holy Week, long bridges, etc..), Most hotels having packages (Pacot), that is to say a minimum stay of three, five or even seven days, at high prices.

Hostels (albergues da Juventud)

The hostel network is very comprehensive. They are mostly well designed and clean, offering breakfast and many services, such as free access to the kitchen, Internet connection or bike rental. There is no age limit to stay in AJ. It is not necessary to be a member of Hostelling International, but you'll pay a few reais more if you're not.

The United Federation of Youth Hostels offers its members the opportunity to book online through its international reservation system. You pay a 5% deposit and booking fee.

The pousadas

In Portugal, a pousada is a luxury hotel listed building. In Brazil, that's not it at all! In general, these are small structures not too expensive, the atmosphere more or less friendly. But we have seen, as the pousada of really attractive to high prices! In short, the term "pousada" is elastic enough, especially since, not to simplify, some institutions that one is tempted to call pousada (large family house, with cottages) are called ... hotel.


Vague term, too, since it can just as easily refer to a home-like hotel pousada a classical structure. However, a building primarily functional, with reception rooms on floors numbered, is still called "hotel" and not "pousada". Like these, they can be in all categories. They are often without much character, but generally well kept and comfortable. Without some areas, um quarto means a single room, sometimes with shared shower and apartamento a double room with private bathroom. Apartamento is a bit more expensive.


Excellent hotels mainly for fun lovers. By no means reserved for prostitution, they provide for expensive and not well a few hours, a Hollywood backdrop of alcove, equipped and adapted to all kinds of fantasies, quiet and comfort. The most kitsch are in peripheral areas, identifiable by their evocative name ... The motel is a sociological necessity: as there are many families in Brazil, the couple may not have places to cuddle.

Apartment rentals

A solution under development in the country, usually through agencies. The problem is the same as everywhere else: you really have to trust the agency to book in peace! We have selected a few, who often work only on a city and you will find in the places concerned.

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