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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sports and Leisure in Bolivia


In Bolivia, the football played an indisputable role of catalyst in the rise of the country on the front of the international scene, after its economic success. Remember, football is probably the best way to start a conversation with the local population.

The football academy Tahuichi tonne, based in Santa Cruz, the Basque Xavier Azkargorta and the national team are part of contemporary history of Bolivia. At the time of economic and political turning point of 1993, Bolivia has regained its pride with the poor kids rescued from the streets of Santa Cruz, formed by a rehabilitation program, and are now the pillars of the national team. Bolivia has become the country's revival of football in Latin America, shattering the image of "football money."

Jacques Chirac defended it to play Bolivia in La Paz the qualifiers for the 1998 World Cup. To thank him, Bolivians have awarded the honorary medal most of the country.
Since 2007, Bolivia has been engaged in a battle against FIFA, which for reasons of health of the players, wants to ban matches at above 2,500 m altitude.


The climbers will enjoy in Bolivia. With the Himalayas, the Andes is a paradise for mountain trekkers (the "mountain climbing"). The area around La Paz offers exceptional potential for lovers of long walks, descending to the Yungas as climbing to the "6000" (Huayna Potosi, Illimani, Sajama). The infrastructure is still underdeveloped, however: few refuges, and so little help ... few tourists!

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Apart from "King Football" many opportunities available to the backpacker sports. Windsurfing on Lake Titicaca (provided you have a good combination), cycling velodrome in the world's highest in La Paz, mountain biking at 4000 m altitude (La Paz), rafting in the Yungas, hiking or horseback across the nine departments of the country, swimming in rivers and tropical lakes (preferably free of "piranhas" well informed before making a dive) or the Golf in Santa Cruz or La Paz.

At the games include a version of Poker equivalent to five dice, cachos. It also practices sapo game which involves throwing coins into the mouth of a toad, tin, and "play games" that you do not practice: the Tinku, this ritual combat in northern Potosí that would Mike Tyson may flee ...

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  1. The people of Bolivia are absolutely amazing, I have quite a few backpacker friends, who have travelled across Bolivia and speak about the amazing hospitality of Bolivians


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