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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lifestyle Barbados

Time difference

Barbados is at the same time zone that of Martinique and Guadeloupe, or 6 hours late on the continental Western Europe (GMT - 4) 5 hours in summer and winter.


The standard is 110 V, 50 cycles, as the United States. The sockets are American-style two-pin flat vertical (sometimes with a third round pin). Remember to bring an adapter or transformer if necessary. Sometimes there are power cuts (water, for that matter).

- The stores usually open at 8:30 or 9 am to close around 16:30 or 17h from Monday to Thursday and 17.30 on Friday or 18h. Most marked reduced hours on Saturday (until 14:30 or 15:30) and are closed on Sundays. On that day, only some supermarkets are open.
- No surprise on the part of banks: they open every Monday to Thursday from 8h to 15h and 17h until Friday. Anyway, ATMs are generally accessible 24/24.

English course, but Bajans between them speak a Creole born Bajan ... English. Bajan is also a typical Creole word, from the last two syllables of Bar-ba-dian. Here, the "th" is quick to look like "d" or "t" ... easier for a francophone, right?

Go, some funny expressions for fun:
- Dead man cannot run from the coffin: Unable to escape his responsibilities.
- From sea you cannot go through the back door: The sea is dangerous (careful!).
- Do not rush to brush and throw 'way of paint: panic only creates problems.
- You do not buy cow to get free milk: Why get married when it has the disadvantages?
Post and Tele communication

A stamp for Europe costs $ 1.75 B (0.60 €).


- From abroad to Barbados: 1-246.
- From Barbados to foreign countries: dial 011 for international, and then the country code (Belgium 32, France: 33 Switzerland: 41) and the party's number omitting the initial 0.

Public phones operate with both coins and cards. It costs between $ 1 B and 1.50 B per minute for France, Belgium and Switzerland, between 0.44 and B $ B $ 0.89 per minute for Canada. The cheapest discount is available on weekends; otherwise it is week from 18h to 8h. You will save money by buying good a prepaid card in a shop or kiosk.

There are Internet cafes, but most guest houses and hotels have access, computer and / or Wi-Fi.

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