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Monday, November 21, 2011

Belize Food and Drink

The basic meal consists of rice and beans, as well as support for the fish to meat. This hearty dish is often decorated with a potato salad mayonnaise or coleslaw (cabbage and carrots).

Fish and Seafood

There are a lot of fish (mostly of snapper, snapper in French, a reef fish) and seafood soup Try conch (large shell which must be cooked to avoid having to be chewed for hours) prepared with herbs and potatoes. Particularly tasty and nutritious. The lobster, however, that is caught mid-February to mid-June The cow's foot soup can also be an interesting dining experience! We often found in popular restaurants.

International Cuisine

Maps of restaurants to borrow much Mexican food (burritos, fajitas, ceviche, etc..) And American (burgers unavoidable). Besides all the Chinese restaurants, and to a lesser extent India, which set up everywhere.


Breakfast is a tendency with the famous British bacon and eggs or omelets. Do not miss the Johnny cakes, corruption of "Journey Cakes" (which could be translated as "the journey cakes") that outweighed the morning fishing with them. These delicious rolls, cousins
​​of English scone. As for the Mayan version of the breakfast, it consists of red beans.

Meal times

We eat early in Belize: Some restaurants open at 7 am-7:30 for breakfast, uninterrupted service follows lunch until about 14h. They reopened about 17-18h and 21h close around. The Chinese and Indian restaurants welcome guests much later. It helps out well.

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