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Friday, November 18, 2011

Belize: Money, banking, foreign exchange


The currency is the Belize dollar (Bz $). The exchange rate is fixed: a USD $ 2 for Bz, while € 1 was trading at about $ 2.70 Bz (Bz is $ 1 for € 0.40). Beware of confusion, also maintained by some, between the USD and Belize. Because you always announces a price in dollars, without specifying which systematically. Make sure to avoid paying double. It is possible to travel to Belize just fitted USD, it is no problem, even in small shops. Simply divide the price announced by two Belizean dollar.


The change takes place in the banks (some bureaux de change). They accept traveler's checks.
Avoid starting with euros, primarily because all banks did not change (eg the Scotia Bank), and when they do, prove prohibitive commissions (10-15%). Withdraw money from ATMs cost much less.
We are distributors for Visa and MasterCard about all over the country. What is the best way to get Belize dollars (not dollars). For operation at the counter of a bank (card withdrawals or changes), you must present your passport, even for cash! No exchange of pesos or quetzals (except the money changers in the black border).

Payment cards

Payment cards are accepted by most hotels (not guesthouses), restaurants and major tour operators. However, traveler's checks are not used as means of payment in general.

Final tips

- Remember to walk with small cuts in your pocket expenses. More convenient.
- Do not leave the country with dollars Belize. They will not be repeated (except the money changers in the black, but at a disadvantage). If you leave the country by plane, you can change them at the international airport in Belize City.


The cost of living is much higher in Guatemala, also more expensive in Mexico, especially in the most touristy places like Placencia or islands.


Prices for a double room:

- Budget: less than Bz $ 60 (€ 24)
- Moderate Price: 60 $ 120 Bz (24 to € 48).
- Chic 120 to $ 200 Bz (48 to € 80)
- More chic: beyond Bz $ 200 (€ 80).


Based on a flat per person in the popular restaurants. Indeed, the cheap restaurants rarely offer input and dessert, but a dish filling enough (live on rice and beans!).

- Budget: less than $ 15 Bz (6 €).
- Moderate Price: 15 $ 30 Bz (6-12 €).
- More chic: more than $ 30 Bz (12 €).

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