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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The Belize gives a real feeling of Caribbean port at the time of the buccaneers. This piece of tropical forest to the open Caribbean Sea was a haven for pirates before the English cameto ruin by transforming it into a Crown Colony: British Honduras.

In Belize, we are left in the ground so Anglo-Saxon, an English-speaking island lost in a sea of Latin American Hispanic. There is no way to play pirates, but you can believe in Africa because of a large black population, descendants of slaves imported from Jamaica and St. Vincent. In Belize City, the cocktail is striking: a strange mixture of traditions and customs british caribbean!

Belize is an immense rain forest, which, like Peten, has many Mayan sites, sometimes difficult to access. It is also and above all, on 250 km of coastline, hundreds of small islands, cays, stretching along a beautiful coral reef, exceptional site for diving and snorkelling.

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