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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Trip to Cologne on the Rhine

A city break to Cologne is worthwhile not only for revelers at Carnival time. The metropolis on the Rhine trumps not only with attractions like the Cathedral or the Old Town, but also entertaining musicals and other cultural offerings. Cologne is the oldest city in Germany and looks back over 2000 years of history. Whether the Romans, the French or Prussians, all rulers have left their mark on Cologne, which are still present everywhere and want to be explored at a city break in Cologne.

To be on the trail of the past and walk to experience the culture and traditions of the present day city tours offer different number of occasions. Besides "classical" Guided tours along the main tourist attractions like the Cologne Cathedral, there are also thematic guided tours, where even experts can discover previously unknown Cologne-side of the city. So you can learn, for example, at a brewery tour of the brewery to brewery more about the history and current meaning of the "national drink" Kolsch.
To meet with a city break in Cologne and the surrounding areas I can only recommend a boat trip on the Rhine. Because nowhere is the landscape more beautiful than the Rhine between Cologne and Mainz. The beautiful and picturesque villages line the river in the hills. Thanks to numerous training and job opportunities, those who do not bring in their cities as much travel time, reduce the shipping also.

After an active day in the evening attract diverse cultural activities. Be it opera or musical, nightclub or restaurant; Cologne has something for every taste and every age. What exactly is going on in Cologne? There is no other way to Cologne; whether a cheap flight in Cologne, a trip by bus or by train, the Rhine metropolis is easily accessible from anywhere.

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