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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holidays in San Sebastian

It is summer and high time to finally get out. For example, back to the Basque Country, the Spanish port city of San Sebastian. With its baroque old building, beautiful beaches, which are particularly suitable for surfing and nearly bursting diary full of interesting and cultural events, it is a perfect holiday destination.

Lufthansa and Air Berlin offer fly to Bilbao, which is 100 km from San Sebastian. Ryan Air offers cheaper tickets for the flight from Frankfurt / Hahn-Biarritz. From there it is only 50 km from San Sebastian. From both cities you can travel by bus to the center of San Sebastian. There are also a few guest houses, where you can stay.

In no case it is worth the major international fast-food chains to visit. For in San Sebastian you can in the middle is the stronghold of Basque cuisine, which is the largest star-density cooking show worldwide! Nowhere is there more than top executives in the Basque capital. Three courses with wine and water are already available for 10 to 15 €. In addition, San Sebastian is a film-crazy city: One of the most outstanding events is the annual film festival to take place.

Beautiful old buildings for a first glance, it's really nice to look at the morning sunrise, the three steel sculptures "Peine de los Vientos" at the port and then to walk barefoot along the beach in peace. From here there is a good view of the island located near Santa Clara. To conclude with a cool iced coffee - "cortado con hielo" - drink on the terrace of the Cafe de la Concha, or one of the many cafes that are located in the center of the bay.

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