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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Beaches Of Sardinia

Sardinia's most beautiful beaches are truly unique. Some of them are hidden in romantic bays, while others are long and wide and invite sunbathers to take a leisurely sunbathing. The 1,800 kilometer long coastline offers still rather unknown and hidden beaches and lying regions that have already achieved a great reputation. The Costa Esmeralda is characterized by the typical granite stones, which are located in small coves. In the southern Mediterranean island's beaches, however, Sardinia's most beautiful beaches are longer and wider.

In the western and eastern regions of Sardinia's beaches are more natural. In addition, there are many cliffs. In the north of the island itself is fine silica sand, which remains stuck to the body unnecessarily. However, what is the same at all the beaches of Sardinia, is the turquoise crystal clear water.

To explore the island and its beaches, it is advisable to take a car to complete. The autonomous region of Italy has to offer that is still rather hot. So you should not miss a visit to Cagliari. There you will find many attractions including the Cathedral and the San Remy Bastion.

From June to October in Sardinia one of the most sun-starved people, so there may already be one or another onslaught on the beach. However, the long coastline offers many opportunities without much hubbub accompanying the sun on the belly to. In a pinch you can still retire to the hotel beach.

There's nothing like a relaxing day at the beach where you can just let your mind wander. For a holiday on the island can enjoy a day at the beach is best in peace and quiet with a small towel, a private beach umbrella and a picnic lunch.

Among the most beautiful beaches of the island includes Porto Istana, Cala Goloritze and Costa Rei, The most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean island. The beach of Porto Istana charmed by high limestone cliffs, which are located in front of a gently sloping into the sea, white sand. That taught in various shades of blue shimmering sea of pure Caribbean feel. During the high season the beach is very busy, so he is more for pre-or post-season should be visited.

Cala Goloritze is without doubt one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, to offer a fantastic addition to the water pure nature. Who is from Cala Gonone Arbatax or by boat to reach the beach not suitable for children, however, because the water depth increases rapidly. Instead of luxury, sun loungers and beach bars where you can find crystal clear water and magnificent rock formations.

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