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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach holiday in Great Britain

The next beach holiday is planned, but where to go from here? In Europe there is a safe one spontaneously. What would we have still to choose from, apart from the Canary Islands? I say once you would never think of the UK when it comes to beach holidays. Indeed, there is next to the shopping metropolis of London and beautiful coastal scenery and beaches to explore. The island has adopted in addition to the typical bad weather now and then best suit those wish to be idle. If it still be cool even for a day at the beach, offers the south of England as plenty of opportunities to spend the day.

The most popular, although a bit expensive holiday region, Cornwall is or wholly in the south-west to Falmouth, Land's End, St. Ives, or the south coast of Jersey - the St. Brelade's Bay. Just because it's not the typical targets for the summer vacation, here you can recover well and does not need - such as Ibiza or similar islands - close to lie close to the beach. It may be in the land of Queen Elizabeth in the summer not as hot as in southern Europe, but especially in the south of England has its own advantages and charm.

Check the offers as either a flight or taking the ferry for the crossing, which has strong appeal. In any case, is worth a trip south of England and who knows - might find on the list for beach holiday near the top.

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