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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Special Trip To Warsaw

Exploring Warsaw on a single trip is a impossible endeavor. The city has many historical attractions. Whoever doesn’t want to miss anything important should sit down beforehand to worry about how he can best use the time.

Warsaw is one of the most visited cities in Europe and definitely worth a special trip. Actually, you should to explore the largest city. However, if unfortunately you cannot spend more than a day here, and then there are a certain things that should definitely be on the to-do list. Whether modern architecture, or the historical buildings and large gardens; Warsaw has so many things for every taste.

.The first objective here should definitely be the Warsaw Old Town, which is not only as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hard to believe that here in the Second World War, everything was completely destroyed. Faithful Old Town was rebuilt so that the beautiful facades of the buildings once again to invite a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets.

At the castle in the old town square, you can then devote themselves directly visiting the Royal Castle, the original building at the end of the 16th to the early 17th century, was built in and supplemented by later additions and extensions and extended. The Warsaw St. John's Cathedral is worth a closer look, if you are already staying in the area. It is the oldest church in the city, but it is learned that at the beginning of the 20th Century had a radical conversion and subsequently it was almost completely restored after the war. The original historic buildings are not much left, a visit to the cathedral and the Jesuit church located next to it is still recommended. In the north of the old town lies the New Town, where there are also some important churches in Warsaw.

Starting from the Royal Castle pulls the so-called Royal Route, and it is also called Royal Route, over a distance of about 10 kilometers along the River Vistula to the city residence Wilanow. To the right and left of the avenue is lined with various noble residences and palaces, many of which are now used as government and administrative buildings. This road is a representation of the longest of its kind in the world and thus may not be suitable for complete exploration on foot. Who can able to get a bike here is a clear advantage. Even in a rental car allows you to get a good idea

Who wants his time in the city prefer to use for recreation, has this in one of the many city parks facilities. The oldest of them is located at the Royal Castle, the biggest contrast - and one of the most beautiful - is the park of pools in the vicinity of the southern part of the King tract. There can relax while but take a little culture, as the park is filled with rich bridges, sculptures, pavilions, and the palace on the water and a theater on an island. Even those who complete their day in Warsaw spends here, should find plenty of motives for vacation photos, and so plenty of visual aids for the home can collect behind.

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  1. lovely. a coworker of mine has just returned from a humanitarian trip to warsaw and loved it!...especially the polish sausage!


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