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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lima the jewel of Peru

Lima Central Peru in the Andes has many faces. The eventful history of nearly 7 million inhabitants is in the bones and left their mark on every corner. For the more adventurous person there is much to discover. Whether the beach or museums, architecture, water sports, Inca culture or adventure nature: Peru's capital city has everything that is worth the trip. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the multicultural inhabitants, the colonial city and the largest economic center of the country make up the metropolitan mix.
Lima is having a very historical back ground. Their roots are anchored deep in the earth that was once inhabited by Indians in unexpected culture.

In any case, it is not wrong with its naming, since the city is flourishing and talks incessantly. It tells of the conquest of the Spanish mid-16th Century, slavery and extermination of the Indians, the wealth of gold, the earthquake and guerrilla terror. Since independence in 1821, Peru, the population has increased a hundredfold.

The location of the capital city Peru has always been a strategically perfect, because it is between the commercial port and the stunning rich Andes. The center of the city lies about 160 meters above sea level and from here starts the highest railway in the world.

The city is bounded by four rivers and the Pacific Ocean. The Rimac River supplies the town with drinking water from the glaciers of the Andes. The subtropical climate with an average temperature of 19 degrees is ideal for bathing on the Costa Verde. It is true that here carried a lot of water, but not the water quality the best.

The old town with its beautiful buildings from the colonial period was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The "City of Kings", as she was baptized at that time, was always the center of culture and education. It was founded in 1551 in Lima, the first university in the Americas.

Numerous museums attract visitors with exceptional collections, checkerboard of streets lined with magnificent buildings like the Cathedral on Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor), the houses Aliaga, Goyoneche or Rada and the great sanctuary of Pachacamac and Pucllana, the most precious heirlooms Lima. Wonderful parks in the City invite you to take a deep breath after the whirl and bustle of this vibrant

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