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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Equipment Leasing Leads

If you are a person looking online to prop up your products and services, then I would like to recommend you Vendor Genie! It is an excellent new affiliate network that helps the sales organizations to create a choice of leads and also to get paid. An excellent thing to say is that, they are having the several years of practice in the industry and also maintaining the excellent bond with the mass media. A seller can use this platform to generate an assortment of information that includes Exclusive Sales Leads, Equipment leasing leads, Exclusive Leads, Business loan leads, Exclusive credit card processing leads, Real time Sales Leads and business financing leads and so on… 

With Vendor Genie, the patrons without any trouble can come across what they need. Hopefully this will brings out a lot of prospects. We can able to find lot of divergence between a normal affiliate program and the Vendor Genie! In normal affiliate program we cannot get paid for the qualified sales leads whether we put up for sale the services and products successfully. But, here in Vendor Genie, it is completely different! Hope you could understand what I am trying to say! We can even get paid for the leads, if we also have not sold out! And what the commission payments we earn will be directly passed on to our bank account weekly. This is the one stop online service where we can get the excellent way to prop up our products and services. For more information, please log on to Thanks!

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