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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Geo honors the best travel season in 2011 by Golden Palm

Geo season awards by 17 Time, the Golden Palm, to honor particularly beautiful, innovative or impressive travel. An eleven-member expert jury for more than 200 travel offers carefully scrutinized and evaluated.

Geo Saison, the travel magazine of the GEO family from the publishing house Gruner and year awarded, each year the best travel deals with the Palme d'Or award in addition the special award Green Palm to individuals or institutions that are the environment in tourist areas of importance have rendered outstanding service - this year to Global Garbage, a club that is engaged against the pollution of the oceans. The multi-thematic journal was first published in 1989 and today appears twelve times a year.

Geo honors the best travel season in 2011 by Golden Palm

The Golden Palm 2011 Geo season was awarded by a eleven-member jury consisting of journalists, travel and tourism experts. In the category "special package" TUI was with the "Journey to Life" achieve the highest jury review. On very relaxing place, whether the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea, should people handle grief in use by pastors and by sharing their experiences with fellow sufferers and their grief into life regain. This particular concept was awarded the first prize. The second prize went to a meeting travel to Cuba, the third on a tour of Oman.

The category of "discovery and active travel", a concept of Studiosus, decided for themselves. The study trip "West Africa: Burkina Faso to the Gold Coast by four different countries could be positioned in front of the organizers," Elements of China "and the" adventure Bangladesh.

In the category of "short, spa and city breaks" the organizer Sapio for its culinary trip to explore the lagoon fishermen in Venice was excellent. With the emphasis on regional cuisine and architecture are the group travel very personal insight into the daily lives of fishermen. The second and third prizes went to drp Cultural Tours for travel to the Ruhr or Berlin.

"Travel with Children" focuses on family-friendly vacation packages. This category could decide the concept of a vacation in the Galapagos Islands for themselves who wants the concept of family is very widely written and deliberately grandparents, friends and acquaintances to include in the experience. The second prize went to a family study trip to China, the third to the "father-child weekend treasure hunters" of adventure camps.

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