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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miami - Florida at its best

The charming city of Miami in the U.S. state of Florida is characterized by a pleasant year round climate. In the summer months, you have to adjust to heat and moisture.

The majority of tourists it attracts from October to April in the city, as there is at this time a very pleasant climate. The luggage should light summer clothing, a sun hat and sunscreen are good, by the way, should not be missed in the winter months.

Miami - Parrot Jungle and Gardens

The Parrot Jungle on Watson in Iceland should not miss visiting Miami. The tropical jungle landscape that has a size of 7.5 hectares, is located between Miami and South Beach and was opened in 2003. Parrot Jungle many exotic animals and plants on display. These include orangutans, crocodiles, parrots, lions and tigers. But snakes and penguins, the inclined visitors admire the jungle landscape.

Miami and Miami Beach

Many think that it is Miami and Miami Beach are one and the same city in the U.S., but which is not so. These are truly two different cities. Miami Beach is located on the coast and is dedicated exclusively to tourism. The appearance of the town is dominated by hotels and resorts.

Miami is located inland on the other hand, is a cosmopolitan city with a distinct Latin American character, speaking in Spanish is mainly because the population is largely composed of immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central and South America.


Besides the aforementioned Parrot Jungle, a visit to the Monkey Jungle and the Metrozoo. Also, we should not let the Vizcaya, a beautiful villa in the Italian Renaissance style escape. But the Metro-Dade Cultural Center and the Holocaust Memorial are among the main attractions of the city.

Who would be delighted to physical activity, can operate water sports such as swimming, water skiing and fishing. But there is also the possibility to include tennis and golf.


  1. Very Interesting article about Miami! Thank you

  2. nice write-up on the city. wish could visit it one day :) and miami beach has become more famous after Dostana at least for the ones who havent ever been there


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