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Friday, March 4, 2011


Where to meet green hills and white sand and turquoise waters (Calabria), turns out to picturesque villages and stunning natural beauty - there is the tourist's heart beat just higher. Visit the sunshine coast of Calabria and get to know the deep south of Italy at the toe of his best.

Between palaces and white churches

While capital of Calabria Catanzaro is on the Ionian coast, lovely enchanted places like Tropea each year on the Tyrrhenian side of their visitors. More than 50 noble buildings and 17 churches, you can discover by strolling through the old town and admire. On the upstream Isola Bella is the most famous church - the Benedictine Sanctuary of Santa Maria. Necessarily have to see also the unofficial capital of Reggio di Calabria to the palm-lined promenade and the city Tropeaeleganten strolling and shopping street Corso Garibaldi. From here you have a magnificent view even to Sicily up to the fire-spitting volcano Mount Etna.

The mysterious mountain village Pentedattilo

Above the beach town Melito di Porto Salvo to pull the houses of the village spirits Pentedattilo up the steep slope and look as if they had grown out of the rocks. Arisen about this mountain resort at the southern tip of Calabria is creepy stories to trade any of a beautiful aristocrat who is said to have overthrown 400 years ago, her entire family into trouble.

Unspoiled nature in the middle of two coasts

Between the nearly 800 kilometers of coast are forested mountains, meadows and crystal clear lakes. While sports fans to explore the diverse nature of hiking, climbing and mountain biking seems to have stopped in the romantic mountain villages of the time. The National Park of Aspromonte in the south of the Apennines lures with a 1955 meter high Monte Cocuzza - to the north, you can marvel at the massive Pollino massif with the 2267-meter-high Serra Dolcedorme. All Adventurers should not miss the 13-kilometer-long kayak trip on the Raganello River.

Culinary delights

The Calabrian it like hearty Mediterranean and love fresh seafood. In the small town of Scilla it always ends up in a typical restaurant of at least four courses on the table. Swordfish is one of the specialties here, and is prepared in a hundred different ways.

Panorama Liguria Lerici If you want to lick the other hand, a real Italian ice cream is, in the picturesque town Pizzo correctly. Here is the origin of the famous Tartufo ice cream - chocolate and hazelnut are his secret.

Magic moments at Cape Vaticano

Those who want to experience a very special moment, immediately before the sun goes wild rugged Capo Vaticano, the landscape is now immersed in a magical light. In the distance rises the Aeolian island of Stromboli. The crater of this volcano-isle constantly finds out smoke and ash clouds that bizarre images drawn in the evening sky.

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