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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Canary Islands Holidays 2018

Canary Islands
Canary Islands are having beautiful Island scenery, gorgeous beaches and picturesque colonial town. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations for a holiday in relation with sun, sand and sea. These islands are known as Europe’s sun-trap for their mild temperatures and natural environment. Canary Island is divided into small islands further where each island is quite different with its own sparkling personality. The beaches are the most outstanding attractions and are perfect for relaxing. Enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving. There is beautiful and amazing landscape which is ideal for hiking, cycle touring, climbing and even caving. The Canary Islands offers a range of cultural options. The famous monumental site at San Cristobel de la Laguna has been awarded as the world heritage by the UNESCO. If you’re intending to visit this island in February then you will be able to enjoy the spectacular carnival in santacruz de Tenerife.

So well let’s decide which suits your own preferences best, it’s worth knowing what those differences between each of the Canary Islands are.

For a little bit of everything Tenerife island: The largest of the canaries is also the most popular with tourists. When you head north you’ll find a lively carnival that takes over the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife for three weeks in February. Push Island and pine forest soon gives way to the Jaw dropping Teide national Park, home to the eponymous volcano. You can also swirl in superb seafood and excellent wines in picturesque towns like Garachico and la Orotava. There are very beautiful breathtaking views of the arranco Del infierno, fly over the Grand Roque del condor island softly on playa de las Americas at the end of the afternoon with plenty of bars and clubs open until dawn. These panoramic views can only be appreciated in this way.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Island): The island of Gran Canary is a place of stunning natural scenery and nearly half of the island is protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The north of the island is a landscape of dramatic cliff and the south is lined with beautiful beaches. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a seaside town with excellent beaches and a superb natural environment. Las Canteras Beach and La Playa Jinamar is the two beaches associated with it. Another must see nature site on Gran Canaria Island is the Jardin Botanic Viera Y Clavijo (Canary Gardens).

Fuerteventura: The Island and its waters are a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. Here you can forget the world. You will find sandy beaches where you can relax and swim, both in the north at Corralejo Natural Park and in the south at Playas de Jandiass. You can take a boat trip to Lobos Island natural park a small island paradise located about 2 km north of Fuerteventura. Experience a truly unique moments by attending one of the sea turtle releases that take place on Co fete Beach.

Lanzarote Island: it is said that Lanzarote is the most volcanic looking of the Canary Islands. The constant warm weather means you can enjoy the beauty and contrasts of its coast at any time of the year. There are beaches with black or golden sand in the towns. If you are a lover of sports then here you will find a host of possibilities. You can enjoy golf amidst lava and cactus, go diving on this island beautiful sea bed, go deep sea fishing and surfing too. The snorkel tour is the best in Lanzarote.
You can discover underwater beauty. Adventure begins at the Techno Diving Lanzarote dive centre, where all necessary equipment (mask, tube, fins and suit) are provided. The waves are considered some of the best in Europe.

The Canary Islands attracts all sorts of travellers and because of this there is a great variety when it comes to nightlife, with something to suit everyone who visits these islands. Whether you like to hang out in local bars, indulge in a cocktail lounge, watch some live cabaret in a bar or hit the dance floor in a nightclub you are sure to enjoy the perfect evening out in the Canary Islands. Some of them are Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

These are the most popular destination that makes up the canaries to help you plan your next holiday.

Friday, May 12, 2017

idyllic islands you've probably never heard of

There are places that enchant. There are cities and regions, mountains and valleys, islands and landscapes that leave a lasting impression and which you would love to visit again and again. Sometimes these places are for a holiday or short break, however, away from the usual tourist routes - whether a city break in Europe, the best Travel destination for a short holiday or active hiking trip. We have asked 25 travel bloggers which are their own personal hidden and underrated pearls in Europe. What makes these places a beautiful Travel destination in Europe so special? We have collected the insider tips of the experts for you and rediscovered also the familiar unknown.

Crete - the island of the gods

Palm-fringed sandy beaches, the spectacular Samaria gorge and centuries-old architecture make Crete a popular Travel destination for explorers, adventurers and sun worshipers. According to the legend, Zeus is said to have seen the light of the world on Crete, which gave the largest Greek island the nickname "Island of the Gods".

The beaches of Preveli, Balos and Elafonissos invite you to relax. In the footsteps of the Mycenaeans, you will visit the Palace of Knossos, and in Chania you can admire impressive Venetian palaces and Moorish temples.

Tenerife - the green island of Canary Islands

Tenerife is the largest Canary Island with an area of 2,030 km² and an evergreen beauty in the Atlantic Ocean. In the center of the island rises the cone-shaped volcano crater of the Pico del Teide, whose summit is 3,718 meters high. On the mighty mountain, rain clouds clam the continually-westerly northeastern pass. They are raining on the north and east flank of the volcano and let a lush subtropical flora thrive. Since 2007, the Canadas del Teide National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Agaves, date palms and lemon trees line the hiking trails and after the natural experience lures a bath in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic.

Santorini - the lava archipelago of the Cyclades

The ring-shaped island group of Santorini belongs to the Cyclades and is a vacation paradise – the best Travel destination in the southern Aegean. The archipelago originated as a result of a massive volcanic eruption, which occurred more than 3,500 years ago. Snow-whitewashed houses on black lava slopes merge with the azuric sea and green olive groves on Santorini to a symphony of colors.

The buildings of the small island capital Fira nestled terraced on a volcanic steep slope. Fantastic beaches such as the Red Beach and the Ormos Vlichada range from steeply rising rock faces of cold lava rock.

Fuerteventura - the sandy bathing paradise

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands. With its miles of sandy beaches, the shallow
Atlantic island is a paradise for sunbathers, bathers and water sports enthusiasts. In the north, life rages on the seven kilometer-long Playa de Corralejo and the coastal town of Costa Calma is the center of the water sports activities.

The constant blowing wind of tranquility makes Fuerteventura the ideal Travel destination for surfing and sailing. Caribbean white sand beaches and turquoise waters await you at Jandia Playa and nature lovers
should not miss a trip by car to the dune landscape of Risco del Paso.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Canary Islands of Spain

Canary Islands of Spain
Spain is a very beautiful country in Europe. There are many islands which come under Spanish archipelago. The Canary Islands are also one of them. Canary Island is Islas Canarias in Spanish language. This island is located on the northwest coast of mainland Africa. The Canary Island is the farthest island from Europe. There are many big and small islands which are collectively known as the Canary Island of Spain. These Islands are Tenerife, Fuerteventura, GranCanaria, Lanzarote, LaPalma, LaGomera, ElHierro, LaGraciosa, Alegranza, IsladeLobos, MontariaClara, RoqueDelEste and RoqueDelOeste. This island is the only island of Spain where a volcanic eruption is recorded in the modern era.

The beaches, climate and other natural attractions like scenery, sunrise and sunset views are the main attraction of this archipelago. You can reach this exotic island by catching a flight from any city of Europe. On this island, there are two airports on Tenerife and the Gran Canaria Airport. You can reach other island also via flight but that will cost you more. There is a Spanish company known as NavieraArmas, which provides the ferry service and takes about 45 hours to reach the Canary Island. Normally, you have to pay around 45 euros for one way journey.

This island is claimed to be the ‘Lost Islands’ of Atlantis by the Ancient legend. North Africans came here first. The ecosystem of this island was based on agriculture and animal farming. But now, the Canary Islands are modern, European and extremely liberal. The largest island of the Canary Islands is Tenerife. On this, you will find the third tallest volcano in the world which is at 3718 meters high and known as El Teide. The capital of the largest island is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. La Laguna is the third largest city of the Canary Islands and also comes in the list of World Heritage Site. There are many museums and monuments on this island.
Gran Canaria is the largest island by the population of the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura is an island which is known as the ‘Windsurfer’s Mecca’. La Gomera Island is known as the Magic Isle –walker’s paradise. This island looks like an orange in shape which has been divided in half and split into segments. El HierroIsland is known as ‘The Edge of the World’.

There are many places on this island for enjoyment and entertainment. There are many modern resorts and restaurants available on different island of the Canary Island. Tenerife Auditorium is famous for its wonderful design which was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. You can enjoy the events and concerts in this auditorium. There is a Parrot Park known as LoroParque. This becomes the second most attractive place after mount El Tiede. Other than this, you have Tenerife Beaches, Boat trips, Big Game fishing and lots of things to do on this island. Canarian cuisine is a great mix of Spanish, Latin and African cuisines and culture. Tapas Concept is a must try there as it is considered as one of the most delicious ones.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tenerife, an island of contrasts

On Tenerife everyone has fun, whether you are a real sun worshiper or a fearless adventurer. You will from sunny beaches to snow-capped volcanoes.
The sunny island of Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands and has the presence of Mount Pico del Teide a varied climate and a rich fauna and flora. These are all types of holiday taste. We give some suggestions for the sun worshiper, nature lover, shopaholic, culture lover and adventurer.

Tenerife has many beautiful beach resorts. Especially the beaches in the southwest are popular as a winter destination. Thanks to its subtropical climate. Playa de las Americas, probably the largest and most famous seaside resort of Tenerife, You can partying until the wee hours. In Los Cristianos, just south of Playa de las Americas, you can find many entertainment opportunities. The sportsmen will then feel at the El Medano surfing paradise.

The beautiful Parque National del Teide is a must for every nature lover. Here is the Pico del Teide, with its 3718 meters, moreover, the highest mountain in Spain. From the snowy summit of this dormant volcano located centrally, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the island. So Get ready for a five-hour climb or explore your convenience to bring out the cable car 'Teleférico del Teide.

Shopaholics can get their heart more than in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, capital of Tenerife and the shopping city par excellence. Calle Castillo is the place to be. In this narrow pedestrian street you can buy everything from designer clothes to Canarian folk art.